About Us

Accounts NextGen is an Australian based business process outsourcing firm, specializing in accounting and bookkeeping services to CA/CPA/ Bookkeeping firms and small and medium businesses.

Accounts NextGen is being managed by team of Australian CA’s and CPA’s having over 25 years of experience. Our team of accountants are fully trained in Australian accounting systems and have minimum of 7 years of accounting experience.

We fuction just as client’s virtual back-office for all their bookkeeping and accounting needs. The main reason businesses outsource bookkeeping and accounting services is to save money and focus their attention on one most important thing …. their Business!

Our mission is “ buy modafinil in canada To help Australian business owners in understanding their business and finances better”.

We aim to achieve this by providing you with orlistat 120 mg order Value added bookkeping which is more than just standard bookkeeping services. We provide you with value added custom reports that enable you as a business owner to better analyze your revenue and expenses such as :

  • Customer Reports – reporting on your customers to give you list of your most and least profitable customers.
  • Employee Reports – reports showing company expenses/revenue associated with individual employees.
  • Management Reports – One pager management reports showing key metrics and KPI’s relating to their industry to help business measure their performance against others in industry.
  • Event Analysis – reports showing revenue and expenses on specific events.


buy Lyrica 50 mg Value added Bookkeeping means

  • Setting up and maintaining your books in a manner that allows for the production of meaningful financial reports on a regular basis that enables you to take decisions that make your business better and more profitable.
  • Having your Chart of Accounts arranged under meaningful sub-headings to be able to better see the break-up of your business overheads.
  • Reducing and consolidating the number of ledger accounts used to ensure brief and concise financial reports and easier management decision making.
  • Ensuring that there is a clear distinction between operating and non-operating income and expenditure.