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Know the Absolute Ways to Get a Pay Rise

Know the Absolute Ways to Get a Pay Rise

Every employee deserves to get a pay rise when they are doing excellent work. But, like always, we hesitate to ask for a pay rise because of having fear of rejection from the boss. So likewise any Australian, you can also approach your boss for a pay rise in a unique way, which might even give you a promotion. Take a look at the things you should know before asking for a pay rise to your company or boss.

Check your designation’s worth first

Before you could proceed to ask for a pay rise to your company, make sure to do some research on your classification first. To know what others are getting paid for their job, use an Australian professional salary calculator. It will be calculated according to your designation, working years, and level of experience you have in your job field. If you feel you are underpaid for your designation, then proceed for a pay rise.

Check the time to make a pay rise request

Once you have done your research about the pay scale, the second thing you must keep into consideration is the perfect time to make a pay rise request. Know about your company budget assets, rising scale, and potential scale. If it fits, then without thinking for a second, request to get a pay rise. But if it does not fit in the time, then don’t fiddle your fingers and wait for the glory to avoid rejections of a pay rise.

Be an optimist and ready for negotiation

Once you get into the shoe of payment rise, make sure you have negotiation skills. Be prepared with your pen and paper while making an argument of a pay rise. Be confident for negotiation because if you are prepared with your research, then you boss has also researched as well before you. Be humble and polite while communicating and be real during the communication to present your future goals so that they will realize your pay scale and raise your level.

Be ready with the plan

If your pay rise is not getting in favour of you, then be merely prepared with a backup plan. Ask politely about your work reviews, performance in the company, and also make sure to check enough what other employees in the company are getting paid for the same designation. If it fits in your favour, then make a statement about your work experience and how you have added value to the company.

Get your promotion

Congratulations, you get a pay rise and promotion. Going step by step on your way of the development will make you grow at every level. Politeness is the key to success. Whenever you request a pay rise, make sure to be ready with your homework first to get the worth pay that you deserve for your designation.

Now you have read enough about getting a pay rise, make sure to follow these steps, and achieve success. Work hard with honesty, and set priorities while you are doing your work as it will always make you successful in your job for getting a pay rise.

Exciting things to do as an International Student in Australia during Summer Vacations

International students in Australia look for summer vacation to escape from the semesters and enjoy holidays. Warm cosy summers invite students to do a lot more stuff in Australia. Students don’t get time to plan for their vacations as they get stuck in end moment assignment works and exam preparations. There are so many things to do during this long summer break in Australia, which might confuse us. So, let us start with the exciting things to do while summer vacations.

Travel to home country

Being an international student who has been staying in Australia for a long time to study, you miss home and home food badly. So, during the summer holiday break, students can plan to travel to their home country and meet family, friends, and loved ones. No wonder how many delicious foods are there to eat; we always find food that is cooked by our mother, especially when we are living in another country and far from them. This vacation plan to visit the home town and enjoy yourself with your family.

Work more earn more

Many international students who are not travelling to their home town are allowed to do more work during summer vacations. It is time to make a maximum profit than at any other time. Overseas students can do a part-time job or even full-time work during their summer vacations. However, international students can also join sales, shops, restaurants, and other work to earn maximum profit from jobs. There are many Australia based websites which help overseas students to search excellent work for them. This vacation, receive maximum by joining more hours of work and enjoy your holidays.

Explore the country with friends

Overseas students remain busy during semesters. The schedule remains hectic with studies and part-time work, and during summer vacations, students want to relax and enjoy only. So, summer vacations are quite perfect for exploring the beauty of Australia and enjoying it with friends. You can plan to visit nearby places in Australia. One can visit Melbourne, Sydney beaches, Opera house, The great ocean roads, beautiful Rottnest Island, and many other places. You will get a different experience of visiting Australia and explore the taste of locality.

Enjoy New Year and Christmas Eves

Summers in Australia are opposite to other countries. When winter is striking in all other countries, then there are summers in Australia. The summer vacations mean enjoying Christmas and New year evening in Australia. Enjoy Christmas in Aussie style by visiting

outdoors activities, street shopping, barbeque nations, enjoy fairs, music, and dance, etc. Winters make your feet freeze, which also freezes Christmas eve fun, but here in Australia, summer weather makes your feet dancing to enjoy this pleasant weather and Christmas at the same time. So, this summer vacation, bring yourself out from your home and enjoy the Christmas eve in Aussie style.

Explore your Hobbies

Every student has a keen interest in their hobbies but forgets to explore them with this busy study schedule. Summer vacations offer you an opportunity to explore your hobbies and even try something new during the holidays. Of course, some love dance, music, paintings, reading, writing, playing, and much more. Summer vacations give you plenty of time to reschedule your plan and explore your ideas and hobbies in whole new different ways. Explore your hidden talent and bring it down to reality.

Reschedule to Fitness Plan

In the modern world, every student wants to look fit and smarter enough to be the centre of attraction amongst their peers. But being an overseas student, it is not possible to schedule your fitness plan when your semester is on. The summer holidays are perfect for rescheduling your fitness programs and shifting to healthy eating habits to get back into shape. Gym freaks can plan for the gym and other fitness programs during the summer holidays.

Go for blogging or writing

Students love writing, then why not start blogging and writing something exciting this summer. You can choose to write something that you always want to write and try different themes and post them on WordPress and other blogging sites. This summer, turn up your passion into reality and earn passive income through this. Summer vacations give you liberty from daily assignment works and hectic schedules. So, plan to write exciting blogs.

Complete your Internship programs

If you have no prior plans to visit anywhere and you don’t want to go for the above activities in summer vacations, then you can also plan for an internship program of summer semester to finish it earlier than others. You have a whole month to complete your semester internship program more before overseas students in Australia. Universities also offer an early semester internship program to the international students who have not yet planned for their plans for holidays.

If you have an interest in accounting, then you can also take up a summer accounting internship.

Opt For other exciting courses

Being an international student in Australia, you have the liberty of opting for a short-term online course to add another degree in your studies. During summer holidays, students can choose various online courses like animation, graphic designing, and many others to enhance their learning skills. It will add up another opportunity to learn some extra during your holidays, which is impossible while the semester is on.

Apart from online courses, the students can also join on-site accounting training, etc.

Living in Australia for studies already offers you a lot of new experience to enjoy and explore. But summer vacations double up your experience as an international student. You can enjoy a lot more other activities during your summer break. This time don’t just sit and watch your summer vacation passing. Stand up and explore a lot more ideas to do in Australia.

Grab some sure-shot tips to stand out in a job interview

‘The first impression is the last impression’, is genuinely applicable in an interview process. An interview is the initial step of your pathway of success. But clearing this hurdle seems like rising on Mount Everest, especially for the freshers. It is usual to have anxiety, hypertension, and nervousness while facing an interview. But it is the things that you need to control off during an interview.

To be an irreplaceable choice of an interviewer and stand out from the crowd, have a look at these sure-shot tips and make your job interview a memorable one.

Formal Dressing

Your dress will release an impact on the interviewer. Don’t dress up yourself like you are going to attend a party. Choose formal wear while going for an interview or even for accounting training. Choose a light and impressive colour rather than going for bold and fancy. Simplicity still sensibly beats the boldness. Your dress can impress the interviewer, so always choose excellent formal wear while chasing the interview.

Be Punctual in Time

It’s good to be early five or ten minutes on the interview destination rather than getting late and throwing excuses. Time punctuality shows you value time and same you will add value to the time of the company in which you are going to be interviewed. We have seen many cases in which candidates reach late and lag than others in the interview. So, be punctual in time rather than getting late for the interview to be early and grab the opportunity.

Research about the Company

Make some research about the company and its services to be two steps ahead in the interview. An interviewer loves the candidate more who has prior ideas and knowledge about their company and their future goals. It sometimes looks impressive for an interviewer that candidate has an interest in their company, and it is more than a usual job for the candidate.

Answer the favourite question “Tell us about yourself.”

The favourite question of the interviewer will hit your head first during every interview. And we are sure you will be going to answer in a typical student style with your formal intro. Remember your resume is already speaking a lot and the interviewer is seeking for something more than you have written in your resume. To enhance the value of your answer, explain about your pin intertest, your strength and experience if you have any.

Don’t shy to tell if you are a fresher, but explain how you can still be the better choice than an experienced candidate.

Serve something extraordinary in your answers.

Be prepared with your answers in the interview, and also be prepared that the interviewer is not there to listen to the 90s answers that they are already getting from plenty of candidates. Be in the communication and listen carefully what they ask you and answer in a very polite way with decorative example. For instance: If an interviewer asked you- How you can add value to their company. Then instead of answering that I will increase value by this or I will do this to your company. Take a pause and say we work in a team and will raise the company’s value by teamwork, not as a sole worker.

Match speech with your body language

Remember your body language speaks too. Stable body posture, direct eye-contact and still hands-on legs while delivering the speech leave a significant impact on an interviewer. But if you are self-struggling with your speech and showing the nervous expression on your face, it won’t make any sense, and the interviewer gets a straight answer that you are not fit for the job. A steady body posture and composed speech with proper eye-contact not only enhance your confidence but also leave a significant impact on the interviewer.

We hope you get enough to know about the excellent tips to face the interview in a better way. Be composed and ready with your answer, and have strong confidence as it will help you in getting the job. You can ask some useful questions at the end of the interview about the company and other related aspects which enhance your conversation and add up more value.

Now say no more to the interview hurdles, face it, and chase the job goal with these tips and step ahead in the way of your success.

New Population Centre to investigate why migrants shun regions

The government’s new Population Centre has been tasked with producing more accurate growth forecasts, but one immigration analyst says they’ll need a crystal ball to do that.The government’s new Population Centre has been tasked with producing more accurate growth forecasts, but one immigration analyst says they’ll need a crystal ball to do that.

Understanding how migrants and international students decide where they settle in Australia and what the government can do to entice them to regional areas will be key tasks of a new Population Centre.

Launching the $23.4 million body in Canberra on Friday, Population Minister Alan Tudge said more localised information was needed to help the government achieve its aim of shifting migrants out of congested cities.

“Every single part of Australia has its own population story and we need to understand that,” Mr Tudge said.

About 20 public servants will work in the Population Centre to be housed in the Commonwealth’s Treasury Department.

One of their first research projects will be to investigate why more than 80 per cent of international students chose to go to Sydney, Melbourne and south-east Queensland, as well as studying why the minority went elsewhere.

Establishing the centre was part of the government’s population policy announced in March which cut the annual permanent migration intake by 30,000.

“Our population settings have made us wealthier as a country and have made us wealthier on an individual basis as well,” Mr Tudge said on Friday.

“But this growth has put pressure on the liveability of our cities and particularly when infrastructure, housing approvals and services have not kept up and this has certainly been the case in Sydney and Melbourne in some respects south-east Queensland in the last couple of decades.”

The centre will produce an annual “population statement” with up-to-date information on the makeup of the population, distribution and any demographic trends.

Better forecasts

The government has also tasked the centre with coming up with more accurate population forecasts after previous projections had grossly underestimated growth.

In 2002, the Australian Bureau of Statistics predicted Australia’s population would increase by 2.5 million by now. It grew by 5 million in that time.

A social economics professor at the University of Technology Sydney, Jock Collins, said it was virtually impossible to accurately predict a population growth.

“The wildcard is immigration,” Professor Collins said.

While the government can control the permanent migration program, the much larger number of temporary migrants is unpredictable.

“The temporary migration program which has been around the order of 700,000 for the last decade or so, is demand-driven – driven by the demand for international student places, the number of working holiday visas who come here and the temporary skilled migrants who come in,” he said.

The number of New Zealanders, who can stay indefinitely on a temporary visa, is also a wildcard.

As the government attempts to attract migrants and international students to regional areas with financial incentives and pathways to permanent migration, an even more difficult task will be predicting population growth in regions.

“The difficulty is retention and the key issue in retaining population growth out of the big cities is employment growth and that’s very, very difficult to predict,” Professor Collins said.

“You need the crystal ball, is there going to be a global recession, are there going to be droughts? All these things impact on that employment generation population.”

States working on population framework

The announcement comes as the states and territories finalise a “population framework” set to underpin infrastructure planning to manage growth.

Mr Tudge expected the framework, which aims to better connect the federal government’s population planning, including its migration intake, and the needs of states and territories, to be signed off by the end of the year.

Labor’s spokesperson on cities and infrastructure, Andrew Giles, accused Mr Tudge of using the population statement as a “smokescreen” to mask a lack of investment in infrastructure.

“A mature debate about population policy is a good thing, but many vital questions still need to be answered by this third-term Liberal Government,” Mr Giles said.

“How will this population statement support infrastructure investment that improves the liveability of our cities and increases connections with our regions?”

Which Australian states are targeting international students?

International education is Australia’s fourth largest export, trailing only coal, iron ore and natural gas, to the tune of nearly $35 billion. That’s a pretty significant chunk of cash being flooded into the domestic economy. When people hear these kinds of figures, they naturally assume Melbourne and Sydney would be the two major players in this space in terms of attracting students, and on sheer numbers, they would be right.

However, several Australian states outside of Victoria and New South Wales have put their hand up in recent times, eager for a slice of the international student pie and the influx of finances they bring.

Western Australia

It wasn’t so long ago that the West Australian government removed a migration points advantage for students looking to remain in the state, in a bid to deter overseas students. Now, with international enrolments dropping as students head to other states for their education, the WA government has introduced a new graduate skilled migration list – designed to retain those who’ve earned PhDs, masters and honours with the promise of a pathway into skilled migration.

South Australia

In response to the booming international student market (which trails only wine as the state’s largest export), plans are currently in motion to develop a 36-storey building to house students in the heart of Adelaide. The proposed skyscraper would tower over popular shopping strip Rundle Mall and would be the tallest of its kind in the City of Churches, with the ability to sleep more than 2,800 students.

Northern Territory

Charles Darwin University is set to find a new home in Darwin’s CBD after both the Australian and Northern Territory Governments pledged a combined $200 million worth of funding towards the City Deal. A state-of-the-art inner-city campus will be built to attract prospective international students and boost Darwin’s reputation as one of the world’s best tropical cities. This announcement will no doubt be welcomed by the Top End’s growing international student population, who currently have to travel between the university’s Casuarina campus and the CBD.

Remote area tax concessions and payments should be overhauled

The Productivity Commission has called for significant reforms to the tax concessions and payments for residents and businesses in remote Australia as they are “outdated, inequitable and poorly designed”.

Its draft report assessed the zone tax offset (ZTO), the remote area allowance (RAA) and the fringe benefits tax (FBT) remote area concessions.

The Commission recommended the abolition of the ZTO as it is an “ineffective and blunt instrument”. There is no general role for the government to compensate taxpayers for the disadvantages of life in particular areas. Were it to be retained, the ZTO would need to be overhauled.

The RAA is a small supplementary payment directed to people on income support in remote areas. It has a legitimate role but needs a “refresh”, with boundaries updated to contemporary measures of remoteness, payment rates reviewed and transparency enhanced.

Finally, FBT remote area concessions are “overly generous and complex”. They should be redesigned to adhere to the fundamental principle of equitable tax treatment while reducing the cost burden on taxpayers. Most importantly, concessions on employer-provided housing should change. The current exemption should be reverted to a 50% concession (as it was prior to 2000), and provisions allowing employers to claim housing exemptions solely because it is “customary” to do so should be removed.

The closing date for comments on the draft report is 11 October 2019.

Vacant land expenses no longer deductible in “build-to-rent” investments

Starting from 1 July 2019, individuals who hold vacant land may not be entitled to claim those costs as an allowable deduction.

Prior to this, claiming tax deductions for holding vacant land was available in certain circumstances. An example of this may have been during the construction phase of a development when no income was being derived.

Top choices you can make as a new CPA

It is very hard to cross the line for CPA because most of the students who opt the stream of commerce, always look for CA or CPA. So, you should be very joyful and optimistic for your CPA designation. But now it is also very important to identify what sort of choices you want to make to clarify the further career obstacles.

A huge bunch of people think that after achieving the culmination of CPA, now you only have to associate yourself with big corporate firms. And if you also have the same notion about this, then you are completely disoriented about the CPA and its field.

Why one should go for CPA?

First of all, let it be very clear because enrolling yourself in CPA’s world means you are now part of one of the finest and international renowned accounting fields. And if you are the student of accountancy or commerce, then what can you imagine better than that. CPA’s can indulge themselves in imperative roles in any corporate firms all around the world because CPA has its own recognition and it’s administered by AICPA (American institute of certified public accountant).

Make your best while opting the career path

It would be pretty enough for you to clear out yourself from the state of ambiguous about the CPA’s. But now you need to be very specific before finalizing your decision on your career path. And that is why we have compiled some career options for you to give you some aid to figure out the things.

Conventional career choices  

Taking traditional routes sometimes gives the essential aid for that you are looking for. Traditional jobs may include accounting positions. But each position requires a different set of skills and framework. First and foremost you need to decide in which sector you want to work.

Public Accounting

In this field, you can do auditing, provide consulting services or tax service to someone by collaboration with any firm or independently too.

1) Auditing

This job solely focuses on the audit aspect of any company or firm. It means you need to review or thoroughly scrutinize company’s book to ensure their practices and records are up to the standards or not.

2) Tax Services

As a public accountant, you need to provide the best guidance and aid to your client in terms of calculating the tax income, tax return, fill up work of documentation or tax statements.

3) Consulting

In this, you need to provide better advice and insight of business topics and related to financial aspects.


Private Accounting

If you want to indulge yourself in the private sector, then you have to stick yourself with one firm only. It means you can’t work with several clients at the same time. And your work would be like-

1) Accounting Clerk

As an accounting clerk, you need to perform various tasks like maintaining financial records, journals, balancing accounts, managing payroll or bank reconciliation and many more.

2) Staff Accountant 

Staff accountants usually handle the work like staff credit, accounts payable and they provide extra aid to CFO.

3) Internal Auditor

The work of an internal auditor is more specified than external. Because they work on areas like risk management, company’s financial reliability or operation effectiveness.

Off-beat Careers choices

Off-beat career choices means if you are not finding yourself comfortable in the conventional accountancy world, then you can follow your passion or dreams. For example, if you love entertainment and cinema genre, then you can join any production house because big production houses always look for a better person who can manage their production budget well.

If you love sports and want to indulge yourself in that sport, then you can associate with sport player because they also need some experts who can manage their payrolls.


So, these are some important areas and choices you can make for your greater future possibilities. If you want to take the route of conventional way, then it would be very easy for you; but if you are looking for an off-beat way, then you need to have some patience because you might get some rejections too. But again this is what life is because you need to prepare yourself hard to overcome the hard phases.

Accountants the most underrated dark horse of the business

Stats and profession vitality   

Research has been conducted by the career cast job website in 2014 to find out the most underrated job and the report has shown that accountants or accounting field holds the number one rank in the list. Certainly, the data is not too updated but despite all that, the condition of the accounting profession is still the same.

Another report by U.S bureau of labour statistics says that the need for accountants will reach its peak by 13 per cent in 2022. Basically, all these stats and data says that the role of accountants for any business firm is very vital and their contribution is must for the success of the business; but despite all the essentiality, accountants are considered the underrated dark horse of the business.

Accountants are the Predictor of financial possibilities  

An accounting expert from Ohio University says that you need to have high-level analyzation power, problem solving abilities and technical skills for analyzing financial statements. The quality of being advanced and providing detailed statement analysis can make you the luminary of the field and these aspects will give long term aid for the business.

Accountants are very good at predicting the future financial possibilities of the company. It is very important for the company to know whether they are going on the right path or not because you need to have a specific idea of success while working with the investors.

Accountants decode the concept of expenses and profit

You need to be very cautious and smart while taking your first step in the business world. Indeed, because we have seen that a silly mistake or decision can ruin your all hard work and arduous efforts in a short span of time. As a businessman, you must make your decision on the basis of how much amount of profit you are getting back on your expenses. And this is one of the aspects where usually we make mistakes. We need to understand or decode the concept of expenses and profit for better success possibilities.

And this is where the role of the accountant comes because they have a very deep understanding of this concept and they can mitigate your workload with their intelligence and analytical power.

Accountants provide the aid in budgeting

A budget has a very essential role to play in any business firm. It allows you to do your all work without unnecessary expenses. The budget helps the firm to spend the money accurately, spend and saving aspects, and last but not the least, it gives the better picture of your crucial funds and availability of money.

Not knowing that from where your money is coming and where you are spending is one of the worst situations for any business firm or businessman. And in this case, he/she is nowhere in the picture to expand the business, (written by Lisa Mcquerrey in Small business chronicle).

Accountants are very good at budgeting aspect and they will give you a better understanding of budget and its allocation.

Accountants give better insights

No matter how good you are or how deep understanding you gave in your respective business, but at some point you need better advice and support to make your best decision. Accountants excel in providing great guidance and knowledge of the finance.


So, all these points can easily prove the essentiality of accountants in the business firm. Those who still believe that they do not require any better insight and advice from an accountant, should at least spend their one hour with an accountant and they will definitely get what they are missing.

Top accounting careers to pursue

In the world of economy, accounting is the backbone. From keeping the tracks of the money of every financial account to detecting any discrepancies which can shake the economic structure of a business, accounting is needed.

Management accounting is the field of accounting which is specialized in the financial planning and monitoring of the corporate society. The main objective of the field is to record, report and balance the data of business accurately. Management accounting has different people in different specializations and positions which take care of the different aspects of business and finance. And similarly, many private companies assign different job positions for each specialization which follows a usual structure by setting a framework and a specific job description.

So, let’s check out the main-centric accounting job and its various aspects.

Financial Analyst

A job of a financial analyst has a very specific role in companies like insurance, international agencies or firms. This job can be seen with the various titles like staff accountant or accounting staff, risk analyst or maybe like portfolio managers. A financial analyst directly reports to finance managers, accounting head or any other senior official in the finance department. They need to do and are responsible for the tasks like-

1) Fund investment or budget trend analysis

2) Reporting or data analysis

3) Cost management decision.

4) Financial practice improvement and evaluation.

Budget Analyst

Budget is one of the crucial aspects for any firm because it relates to investment and investment on return aspect. That is why this aspect needs to be tackled with perfection. The job of a budget analyst can be seen in the private as well as the public sector too. They work with different titles like a budget accountant, management analyst or cost estimator. They directly report to accounting managers or finance managers. They work on the task like-

1) Budget making

2) Financial task management

3) Cost monitoring

4) Budget reporting

5) Planning and allocation of resources on recommendation

Accounting Manager

The job of accounting manager is very essential for any corporate firm. You can see this job profile with various names like managing accountant, accounting supervisor or like a senior accountant. And this job has a very essential role to play in a non-profit organization like education or health care institutes. They are mostly responsible for-

1) Auditing requirements

2) Regulation compliance

3) Supervision of whole accounting processes

4) Supervision and training of accounting staff


As the name is itself suggesting us, the position of a controller comes with a lot of responsibility and roles because as a controller you need to manage and systemize everything. They indulge themselves in the works like-

1) Supervision of all accounting functions and processes

2) Financial data maintenance

3) Financial documents and process auditing

4) Tax returns filling

5) Financial reports creation

6) Internal accounting policies establishment

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

This is considered as one of the high-levels position in any large or small scale organization or company. They have large responsibilities to hoist on their shoulders. They deal with high-level decision making responsibility, supervision and auditing process, policies and budget planning, management and reporting to BOD (Board of directors) or strategic planning and fundraising too.


So, these are the main centric jobs of accounting field, but you can also go for some other interesting job in the field of accounting area. These jobs that we have mentioned require great experience along with your expertise and your accounting degree and diploma.

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