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ATO to extend 80 cents per hour work-from-home deduction method

ATO to extend 80 cents per hour work-from-home deduction method

As the intense impact of Covid-19 has spread across the globe, it has affected the economical growth of nations. Every segment is now suffering from pandemic effects, and as a result, a significant number of employees along with business owners have also started working from home and incurring extra running expenses as compared to their respective income activities. These additional running expenses include electricity costs along with maintenance costs. According to the Accounts NextGen, it is seen that there is a decline in the value and repair of the home office items such as furniture and fittings that are used for the area of work and the decline in the value of the computer, laptop, or other devices that you are working on.

The taxpayers who continue to work-from-home will now have to opt for the simplified work-from-home deduction method that is followed by a third extension which is legalized by the Australian Taxation Office. According to the financial sources ATO has rolled out the shortcut for the work-from-home deduction concept. And as a result, there is a new, simplified process to calculate home office expenses at an increased rate of 80 cents per hour which is done in a response to a change in national work pattern.

Dimensions linked with the shortcut method extension

It further explains that under this new arrangement, the taxpayers will be allowed to claim for 80 cents per hour to run all the expenses, rather than calculating the cost of limited expenses. It is important to acknowledge that the requirement to have a dedicated work-from-home area will be removed with people around in the household to claim for the new rates. The new method will cover the financial span of 1 March 2020 till 30 June 2020, and this is considered with ATO to extend the method depending on the working pattern to return back to normal.

The Tax agents must include the “Covid-hourly rate” note in the 2019-20 tax returns. Furthermore, the simplified method will cover up all the deductible expenses that include electricity bills along with those on the furniture and fittings. It is important to acknowledge that under the fixed-rate criteria, the running expenses were calculated at the rate of 53 cents per hour including the internet expenses and more.

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Accounts NextGen explains that the new or fresh arrangements will require records of the hours that you have worked home and it can be in the tabular form or diary notes. Moreover, the ATO assistant commissioner explains that the news shortcut method will make the tax-paying time easier for those who were presently working from home. This initiative is for the first time in keeping view of an ongoing pandemic. The shortcut method will provide a rate of 80 cents per hour and will only require you to keep a record of the number of hours that you have worked from home.


It can be clearly understood that many of the taxpayers are working for the first time from their respective homes and makes deduction claims easier. If you are one of those choosing this shortcut then you need to keep a record of the number of hours you have been working from home for a piece of evidence to claim. This new shortcut method will be supplementary to the fixed-rate and the actual cost of the working method that are used to calculate expenses incurred. Here the taxpayers are able to choose an appropriate method to fit their circumstances. The claims before 1 march 2020 was seen to settle under two basic approaches. The 80 cents per hour shortcut method that was introduced in April 2020 will now be extended till 30 June 2021.

What’s the further take by the Australian Taxation Office on the plans?

This is the third time happening that the Tax Office has chosen to extend this shortcut method. Earlier this was called on-off as it expired at the end of the last financial year. After which this plan was again called off in September 2020 and at the end of December 2020. On the contrary, the ATO has come up with an updated Practical compliance guideline 2020/3. This no longer states whether any further consideration will be provided to extend the latest end date or not. Hence, the Accounts NextGen explains the new extension continues to suppress the outbreak of covid-19 infections that continues to spread at a fast pace across the globe.

Conclusive words:

The temporary shortcut method will work as a supplementary to 52 cents fixed rate method and an actual cost method will calculate the running expenses in the end. The taxpayers are now able to choose the appropriate method that correlates to their working circumstances and claim accordingly.

The 7 phrases to avoid putting on your cover letter

Composing an introductory letter is quite possibly the most troublesome part of your pursuit of employment in Australia. Each work you apply for requires its introductory letter, which should offer you to somebody you’ve never met. These necessities to occur in 250 words or less. At the point when you are revising this cycle, again and again, it can frequently get exhausting and can lead you to include some new words to flavor things up. This implies that picking the correct introductory letter phrases is vital!

Unfortunately, at whatever point you include words just to zest things up in your introductory letter, it can demolish how the letter offers you to the business.

Here are the seven expressions to try not to put on your introductory letter no matter what.

  1. “I think… ”

Anything that is in the content on your introductory letter is your opinion. The expression “I believe” is just for discourse or composition and ought to be maintained a strategic distance from no matter what in such a business composing setting.

It is an expression that radically debilitates your language and will make you sound like your somebody who needs certainty, which is an indication to employing supervisors that they ought to avoid you. Ensure you escape this expression no matter what.

  1. “As you can see from my resume, … ”

This round-shouldered expression proposes to the business that they should peruse your resume to see more about you – which isn’t what the introductory letter is for. Rather the introductory letter should captivate the business to discover more about you.

You ought to work out a preview of your involvement with the spot of this expression to give the business thought of the worth you could bring to their organization. For instance, rather than “As you can see from my resume, I have three years of involvement as a project supervisor.” You ought to state, “I’ve filled in as a team lead for a very long time.”

  1. “I’m writing to apply… ”

In case you’re sending an introductory letter to a business, it’s conspicuous to them that you’re applying to a work.

Keep away from articulations like, “I’m writing to go after the deskside professional job.” Instead, work out proclamations that sell your worth, for example, “My five years of involvement as an administration work area official, alongside my four-year college education in Information Systems, makes me a phenomenal possibility for the deskside expert job.”

  1. “Breaking new ground”

“Considering some fresh possibilities” are one of those famous triviality introductory letter states that work searchers will use to zest up their introductory letter. It is another method of recommending to a business that you are inventive. Yet, it doesn’t help you since it doesn’t show how you are inventive.

Instead of utilization this expression to depict your astuteness, portray the inventive work you’ve done in a past position, such as an activity that you dispatched or the innovative arrangements you concocted to handle an unpredictable test.

  1. “Astounding relational abilities”

Never at any point tell individuals that you have magnificent relational abilities. Particularly on the off chance that it isn’t obvious in the manner, you convey your incentive through your introductory letter and resume. Rather than utilizing this expression, you ought to consistently list the range of abilities you have around correspondence, particularly if the work you are applying for refers to a requirement for relational abilities part of the expected set of responsibilities.

  1. “My name is… ”

Your introductory letter ought to be designed like a letter, which will remember your complete name for the header and in the mark. Subsequently, you don’t have to rehash your name in the body of the letter, which would just occupy a superfluous room in the presentation. All things considered, utilize that space to give data the business would need to peruse.

  1. “Wonderful fit”

Nobody can know whether they are an ideal fit for an organization they have never worked in. It’s pretentious to refer to something like this in your introductory letter and should be dodged no matter what.

You will have the option to sell whether you’re a solid match for the organization in the meeting cycle by offering your worth and character to the recruiting group. They will choose whether you are an ideal choice for the organization.

Along these lines, as opposed to depicting yourself in your introductory letter as an ideal fit, clarify how your experience makes you qualified for the job.






How to be more confident while working and stop the fear of insecurities

Several people get the job that they desire but when they reach their working place, they get terrified without any reason. This is a very common issue faced by a lot of people who start their job careers. In this article, we are going to mention some tips that will help you gain confidence when while in your work.

If you take a deeper look at this situation, you will find that most people feel insecure in the workplace only when they doubt their abilities. Being new to the work, they think that they don’t know all the intricacies of the work as the others. Due to such a feeling, those people have tremendous fear in their minds whenever someone starts talking to them.

So, if you are also trapped in this situation, the first thing you should do is to find your weaknesses. Once you have pinpointed your weaknesses, you should try to eradicate them by learning the proper skills. When you are equipped with the required skills, you will start building confidence.

This can be achieved by finding a proper mentor who can educate you in a way you want. When you start training yourself in such a way, you should keep in mind that you are learning to fill all your technical gaps. Because if you fail to learn the things that you desire even after getting proper mentorship, it will reduce your confidence further. You can get the required results here only if you hit the right points to correct the weaknesses.

No matter how much knowledge you possess about the job if you are not good at communication, you will always fail in delivering what you know. Before you get your first job, make sure that you have gained every kind of communication skill required for the job. Communication skills play a very important role in enhancing your presentation strategies.

When people are not confident enough, they are most fearful about the meetings. But once you get the proper communication skills, you can be the leader in the meeting. Make sure that you know about the role that you are going to acquire in the meeting. The meeting manager can give you a proper answer to this question. Now that you know about your role, go home and do some research on the topic. While in the meetings, having accurate information is the most important thing to know. Keep in mind that you have to speak only when it is needed. Wait for the right opportunity. If your speech is not going to add value to the meeting then don’t speak.

We are focused more on the meeting because these are the best means to build confidence. And the best way to participate in a meeting is to speak to others about their opinion on a topic. When someone asks you your opinion, you should speak what you think rather than persuading others.

At last, you should never believe the rumors and other things like that in your workplace.

The 5 abilities employers need presently (and how to show them)

Aptitudes have taken on another concentration on the planet we’re in at this point. Coronavirus has enormously affected how we work, where we work and which abilities are esteemed.

In case you’re hoping to make sure about another position, change profession or fill in your present job, it’s critical to know precisely the thing aptitudes employers are searching for, and how you can exhibit these abilities in an application or meeting.

Here are the main five popular aptitudes as per two recruiting specialists.


“As far as I might be concerned, the main ability that is popular right now is strength,” says Shay Peters, the overseeing head of Robert Walters New Zealand.

“The pandemic has introduced a test for some workers, so businesses are searching for individuals who can move with the punches and skip back from misfortunes.”

Step by step instructions to exhibit versatility

Strength may appear to be an immaterial quality, however, having the option to recognize and discuss your ability to improve from circumstances and adjust is truly valuable.

“Utilize your experience of lockdown for instance,” Peters recommends. “How did you respond? How could you stay gainful? You need to show bosses you have the range of abilities to manage surprising and testing occasions.”

 Self-confidence using technology

Being technologically proficient has been significant for a long time, however, numerous associations unexpectedly needed to actualize new advances during the pandemic. “To remain applicable, organizations across all ventures are looking for educated experts,” says Nicole Gorton, a chief at Robert Half in Australia.

“Experience with tools, for example, video chatting, cooperation stages, document sharing, far off learning and the capacity to put together and convey virtual occasions are currently basic for some.”

Instructions to show your fitness for innovation

Since innovation is advancing at a particularly fast speed, ensure you can exhibit that your insight and abilities are exceptional. In a meeting or application, distinguish how you utilize various innovations and how they help your work (for example support profitability, uphold cooperation or help smooth out correspondence).


The pandemic demonstrated to us that the world can change drastically and rapidly. At the point when managers acquired various techniques to guarantee their organizations were maintainable, they required versatile and light-footed workers.

“Recruiting chiefs are searching for representatives who can be gainful in a climate without essentially having an outline, guide or composed cycle to follow,” Peters says.

Instructions to exhibit your spryness

“Groups and jobs have gone through a ton of progress, so notice how you’ve lifted your hand for undertakings and assignments that are not an aspect of your responsibilities scope,” Gorton proposes. “That is an incredible method to feature you’re a cooperative person who adjusts effectively to change.”


Recruiting directors are searching for workers who are proactive and have stepped up to the plate in learning new aptitudes or searching out new chances. Incidentally, 42% of Australians learned new abilities in 2020 that they wouldn’t have if not for COVID-19.

The most effective method to show that you’re proactive

“In a meeting, I’d be quick to find out about your accomplishments separate from your set of working responsibilities,” Peters says.

“For instance, did you get any additional ventures or errands during a lockdown? What did you accomplish during your vacation? Having the option to express this gives me an agreement that you didn’t withdraw from work during the pandemic, yet rather you endeavoured to be vigorous and peppy during a predicament.”

Passionate insight

Being able to comprehend, oversee and express your feelings is another key expertise. Gorton says in fierce occasions, organizations must have workers who can react fittingly to the feelings of others – regardless of whether it’s their chief, partners, customers or clients.

“Acting naturally mindful and ready to interface with others are characteristics that will help you land a work and develop your profession,” she says.

Step by step instructions to exhibit your enthusiastic knowledge

You can show enthusiastic knowledge in various manners. In a meeting, you can clarify how you’ve set aside the effort to tune in to the worries of others. Talking about working environment challenges that you’ve confronted, what you’ve gained from them and how you dealt with them additionally shows mindfulness and receptiveness to development.

Voices Accountants are accepting the role of trusted advisor

The year 2020 has been an out of the blue testing one for all callings, accounting not with standing. In any case, accountants have been strong, grasping the part of confided in counsellor for their customers.

In’s new State of Bookkeeping Practices Survey 2020, 1,644 accounting a lot of firms of all sizes gave criticism on the present status of the feedback, including the biggest obstacles they’re as of now confronting. Regardless of the horde difficulties of the pandemic, various positive patterns arose.

Perhaps the most striking is that an ever-increasing number of clerks are grasping the job of confided in guide to their customers. In the same way as other things in 2020, however, being a believed consultant doesn’t appear as though it did even only a year back. From prompting on innovation to assisting customers with tying down pandemic monetary help to just contribution moral help, numerous clerks have started offering vital counsel this year without acknowledging it.

This has just driven customers to confide in their clerks like never before previously, and the warning administrations offered due to legitimate need this year will probably remain a central part of serving customers going ahead.

Conventional advisory services

Not all essential warning administrations offered during the pandemic have been new or surprising. Clerks have for some time been offering creditor liabilities and records receivable administrations for their customers, yet the interest for those administrations fundamentally expanded for the current year. Indeed, of the respondents overviewed, 87 percent presently offer AP administrations, while 77 percent offer AR administrations, both speaking to twofold digit development from a similar review required only four years back.

Bill pay administrations are additionally staggeringly famous, with 79 percent of firms saying they currently offer them. Of that gathering, 89 percent perform probably some cloud-based bill pay for their customers, underscoring the significance of innovation. Firms correspondingly report an expanded interest for guidance on money the executives, income, money anticipating, and planning.

While none of these administrations is new to the accounting domain, they’re more popular now than any other time in recent memory. Firms that have offered or added these administrations in the previous a while have gone far toward making sure about their job as confided in counsellor for their customers, which can likewise help guarantee that both the job and the administrations will probably proceed with long after we’ve risen out of the pandemic.


Innovation and mechanization have been totally basic to enduring the requests of the pandemic for practically every industry. Accountants, however, have not exclusively been exploring these harsh innovative waters for themselves. Many have additionally wound up assuming the job of innovation consultants for their customers — a job a long ways past the domain of conventional accounting administrations.

Regardless of whether giving innovation exhortation is something you hope to do, it’s something your customers today need a lot, and that will probably be the situation for years to come. As indicated by the overview, 58 percent of firms said they presently offer administrations in innovation choice, usage, and training. Truth be told, even 48 percent of those organizations that hadn’t embraced innovation or computerization as development switches inside still perceived that their customers depended on them as confided in innovation counsellors. Neglecting to grasp and get innovation and computerization in your training speaks to a huge botched chance, given that customers are presently going to you for innovation guidance.

As anyone might expect, one of the signs of overviewed firms that were generally hopeful about future development was their eager appropriation of innovation. As the accounting calling has kept on being reshaped by mechanical advances, effective firms have perceived that accounting is not, at this point pretty much adjusting the books. In the period of distant work and joint effort, being an essential business counsel fundamentally includes offering innovative guidance to your customers. In case you’re not receiving those advances in your training, it’s hard to genuinely be the confided in guide your customers need.

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