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Nex Bot

Align Business Strategy With
AI For Accountants

Build and Develop End-to-End Adoption Journey, enable Digital Business Process Automation, and develop best practices for Automation implementation for Enterprises with Legacy System modernization capabilities

Business automation

Watch NEX Bookkeeping Bot In Action

On average, the BOT takes about 20 seconds per transaction compared to the standard user time of 2.5 – 3 minutes by a human bookkeeper.


Watch NEX Tax Bot In Action

On average, the BOT takes about 20 seconds per transaction compared to the standard user time of 2.5 – 3 minutes by a human bookkeeper.


Functions a BOT can performs for Accounting Firms

01. Tax Preparation, Return and Workpaper completion
04. End-to-end bookkeeping

07. Multi-Channel client communication including follow ups
02. SMSF administration (Australia)
05. Preparing management reports
08. Compiling document packs, and updating CRM such as salesforce
03. BAS processing (Australia)

06. Preparing financial reports

09. Client services including ERP’s such as NetSuite

Why Choose Us

Why innovate your business with us

Consistent high-quality results with robust agile teams and dedicated QA practices

Highly cost-effective and best-of-breed solutions with no last minute surprises

Transparent project management with maximum adherence to deadlines


NeX Robots can work with any and all applications in your environment as they don’t rely on complicated APIs to interface with your applications


Here are the answers of your most common questions

Bot is a productivity tool that allows a user to configure one or more scripts (which some vendors refer to as “bots”) to activate specific keystrokes in an automated fashion.”

These software bots mimic selected tasks or steps within an overall business or IT process. In simple words, RPA refers to the application of specialized computer programs to automate mundane and repetitive business processes. Today, businesses are increasingly turning to RPA to eliminate tedious tasks, freeing the key resources to focus on higher-value work.

Artificial intelligence is a broad term that covers concepts such as RPA. In Artificial Intelligence, a machine tries to mimic and apply human thinking into a process or workflow, whereas, RPA is a rule-based software that has no intelligence and only automates repetitive tasks based on the set conditions.

You can infuse RPA with AI and many vendors are in the pilot stage of doing so. For instance, an application of AI in RPA could include image recognition or text analysis.

A bot can perform any task that a human can do on a computer provided “logical rules” can be built. They can access multiple applications to complete an end-to-end process or handoff to a human colleague where a “judgement” is required. This covers a lot of processes!

Nex make the process simple. We firstly, understand and document your current process in detail. We then advise which elements can be performed by a BOT and provide a solution design document. On sign-off by you we build the BOT for you to test in your environment. For most processes, the project can be completed with only a few hours of input from our client. Once approved the BOT goes “Live” whilst your operators refocus on higher value work!

NeX model means you can deploy a robot capable of performing multiple processes at 20 times the output of a human operator at a fraction of the cost of a single human.

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