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Building Your Network In A Virtual World

Building Your Network In A Virtual World

It is important to acknowledge the fact that your network is valuable when it comes to face challenges in your career. This is why most professionals consider doing networking to give priority to new job opportunities and career successes. Accounts NextGen, further elaborates that the pandemic has put the traditional in-person networking opportunities and you can build and maintain professional relationships via platforms like LinkedIn. Here are some of the best-known practices along with insights that are directly from the members and you can consider when you are expanding your business. Here in this article, we will discuss some of the key practices, and insights that are directly from the members like you, who wish to expand their networks online.

Point to remember: It’s not a number game: Consider who is in the network and it is then important to seek how many connections you have so that you can be thoughtful to reach the one with a connection request.

Here are some of the tips to improvise your skills on expanding the business by Building Your Network In A Virtual World

  1. Identify commonalities when sending the connection request: When you are seeking a connection with someone, just share a personalized message that tells the person you want to connect. Accounts NextGen suggests that if it is someone you have not met, just reinforce a mutual interest and start the conversation. Just identify the commonalities that match your personality so that you can make new friends across the globe and you can make friends using easy interfaces.


  1. Learn on your network for introductions: Let your social networking skills do the talking. We all depend on introductions throughout the professional lives. This is what makes the networks so valuable so that you can expand your business globally. Be sure you have to return the favor, just mention a thankyou note to contact for taking time to make the introduction and to offer the same in the future. There are some ways to build up the introduction skills, which is suggested by Accounts NextGen.It is further added when you making an introduction, it should be impactful on other person or the potential friends.
  2. Don’t lose the momentum: Accounts NextGen explains that adding a contact on LinkedIn is one of the basic steps. As everything grows, your relationship should be neutral. You can share an article that you think will spark a new conversation.
  3. Just connect a few of the contacts with the same interests: Connecting with people of same topic of interest that are in live with group messages to initiate conversations. Once you have started the conversation, you need to build the momentum of the conversation so that all things end well. You can make friends if you know how to build a conversation and not loosing the momentum in between.
  4. Switch to video calls by adding video meeting links: You can easily switch to the video calls by adding the meeting links directly into a chat on LinkedIn. Remember, as explained by Accounts NextGen, face-to-face meetings can be tricky, however, you can do the video calling and use this feature to improvise with the video calling feature. If you are genuinely not comfortable with the face to face interactions then you can easily switch to the option of giving a try to use the video calls. Doing this will build up your confidence.

In a conclusive viewpoint: 

LinkedIn connections are one of the ways you can engage with other people. You can easily join the Groups and the virtual events to engage and meet new people and send the Inmails along with the message requests to initiate the conversations with the people beyond your network. Moreover, the Accounts NextGen, explains that the professional network can make a world difference place for maintaining the professional life. Also, you need to remember that it is not a number game. You need to be selective and then connect to the people that are really a reflection of the personal goals. By doing this, you can create a network that is very much useful and effective to support the career goals you are choosing for yourselves.


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