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Checklist to follow before applying for an Accountancy Job

Checklist to follow before applying for an Accountancy Job

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Accountancy, this word itself is very vast. There are so many people who are not even aware of the skills needed for making a successful career in this field? By name, it might not seem to you like the most glamorous career option, but if you take a closer look at it, you would find yourself sitting at the heart of the business and taking key decisions. It does not matter how big a company gets, but the requirement for an accounts department would always persist. Perhaps the main focus is on auditing, you might be doing management or tax and finance associated work. Major chances are, you would start your career in one of two paths – either technical or commercial.

For those people who feel numerically literate for doing an accountancy job, here are the few tips you need to initiate off for your career journey in accounts-

1) Analyse what kind of firm you wish to work for-

As you are too new for this industry, you would have to be flexible when choosing an organisation. While studying about the firm, you should always check about their corporate culture and think if you would be able to adjust to it. Well, whenever you would go for an interview they usually ask a question that is, why you want to work for them, so it would be great that you study well about that organisation, their history, it’s clients and what do they deal in.

It would be beneficial for you to check about them online, in magazines or it would be fantastic if you meet a current or former employee so that they

could tell you about the better insights and it’s culture.

2) Select your accounting specialism-

As accounting is very vast, its careers can be divided into two main areas- which are management and financial accounting. In these divisions, there are more specialist fields like budget and financial analysis, also working as a controller.

The difference between the two is that management accounting gives information to people inside the company, on the other hand, financial accounting offers information outside of it, like shareholders.

Most graduates enter accounting with financial accountancy, as it provides a number of career prospects like:

* audit

* corporate finance

* business recovery and insolvency

* forensic accounting

* tax

But choose the work which you think would be most enjoyable.

3) See the checklist carefully-

Once you have analysed on what firm and in what field you want to work, next step is to target the potential work profile for yourself. Initially, you would see many options and get attracted to them, but you need to make sure that you read the checklist diligently. As they might have a requirement of different degree which you do not have, so there would be no point in wasting time on it. They would not consider you, no matter how efficient you are.

4) Be sure that you are applying for the apt job-

This is a big decision so should make sure that when you apply for any job, it is the one that suits you and you desire for it. You should always be confident even when applying for a big firm, as if it suits you then you should always apply for it and try to crack the interview.

5) Review the deadline-

It would be great on your part to read the application form thoroughly before filling it. You should take ample of time to fill in the form as it is very vital, in fact, you can take a print out of the form and first fill that and then you can fill the one in actual form. You should always ask for at least one week’s time before submitting the application. Always check about the deadline before applying as there are many organisations who look for immediate joining as well. So be sure before applying for the same. So, these were few tips you should follow when applying for an accountancy job. These would benefit you and make you prepared for a better interview and career.

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