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Inadequate communication skills are enough to destroy your career

Inadequate communication skills are enough to destroy your career

Communication skills have always been one of the most important things for the proper growth of your career. But communication skills have never been so important as in the middle of COVID-19. This pandemic has forced us to work from home where face-to-face communication has been reduced. And, we hope that even after this Corona is over, most of the employees have to continue their work in the same manner. So, communication skills have become a lot more important as compared to an earlier time.

In this blog, we are going to talk about the importance of communication skills and how your career will be affected if you don’t have it.

Things are very easy when we are talking to someone face to face. Because we say something with a pleasant smile and when we are upset with someone we can show them a disappointing face while conveying our message. These things help a lot in delivering the message along with our intentions. But when we are working from home, we have no media to do it. If you have written a mail using the same words that you speak, there is a chance that the recipient will make a wrong meaning out of that message. Now, your career depends a lot on communication skills.

Managers are the ones who need it the most:

When you are working in an office, you have a big advantage while communicating with others. But if you are working from home, you don’t have the same advantage. If you take a look at the situation right now, you will find that most of the employees (90%) are not fit for working from home. While there are some other companies where every employee now works from home. So, the persons who are directly involved in interacting with people are in dire need of better communication skills.

Now, you have to be very careful about how you are saying something.

These are the things you should care about if you are a manager:

  1. Maintaining better communication: This is the first thing that managers have to think about. In many surveys, it has been found that only 30%-40% of the total emails are read by the concerned person. You have to make sure that everyone is following every message that is being delivered. Suppose you are talking to someone in the office and if he is not listening properly, it may cause severe problems. In the same way, if a single mail is left unchecked, it would have serious consequences.
  2. Ensure a proper internet connection: If someone is working from home, they need a proper internet connection. Without it, anyone can’t do their works from home. You might be required to invest some money in such infrastructure. There may be some other requirements too that you have to care about.
  3. Be ready to get new people in the organization: You have to learn about how you can hire and integrate more people into your organization. As these need to be done online, you have to acquire the essential skills.

In the prior sections of this blog, we have talked a lot about the side-effects of not having better communication skills in this era. Based on this information you should start introspecting and then improve your skills accordingly.

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