Introducing 2021 job’s on the rise: Where the opportunity is now - Accounts NextGen

Introducing 2021 job’s on the rise: Where the opportunity is now

Introducing 2021 job’s on the rise: Where the opportunity is now

We have all seen 2020 is not ended well for many of us, this year was a pandemic year and have left us all with no hopes from the working industries. It is seen that there is an economic fallout that has left millions of people jobless. According to the facts collected by Accounts NextGen, to support such millions of job seekers on the Job seeking portals such as Linked in, look for the jobs that match their respective interest and due to pandemic there is a hike seen in the number of jobseekers on the portal. By looking at the high rise number the Linkedin steps forward to provide the right opportunities to the right set of jobseekers.

The new jobs are on the rise list features that there are 15 fastest trending and growing job trends that are from 2020 and the skills you need are mentioned on the portal section for the same. The world today has transformed and made some combat decisions to fight against the pandemic. Here in this article, we will discuss some of the key trends that are covered by the Accounts NextGen, considering the global reports. So let us talk about it!

  • There is a job for everybody, irrelevant to your job experience: The pandemic has affected the global economy at vast and has changed the jobs landscapes. The emerging job trends are related to job trends, healthcare, marketing, sales, and more. Many of which don’t even require any sort of working experience, as elaborated by Accounts NextGen.

  • Skills have become more relevant than landing a new opportunity: these job trends demand for basic skills such as understanding to use smartphones, communicate over digital platforms and operate basic tools such as excel and social media. In today’s time, it is ascertained that there are top five hard and soft skills that you have watched before coming on the new role, as derived from the data gathered from Accounts NextGen.

  • Opportunity is more effectively accessible due to remote work: Over the past recent years, there was some of the most-in demand remote jobs in the field of sales that create most of the job opportunities that are affected due to pandemic. The Accounts NextGen explains that there are more opportunities to make sure you are putting your best foot forward and avail these opportunities on the portals.
  • Send the right signals to the recruiters of the selectors: Always remember, using LinkedIn or the other job searching portals like these comes with the “Open to Work” feature on your profile and you can easily share that you are open to new opportunities. It can be either private to recruiters or the LinkedIn communities. The data on Linkedin shows if you are turning on the “Open to Work” feature then your Linkedin profile increases the chances so that you get noticed by the recruiters. Remember, you should not forget to set up the Job alerts so that you see there are new job postings as preferred by you which will increase the chances more by the recruiters 4 times.
  • Get ready for the virtual closeup: It is very much important to acknowledge that more than half of the people say there is a lack of confidence when it comes to clear the interviews. With options like “Interview preparation tools” you can get help to prepare some of the related questions that are commonly asked in the screening process. of the job opportunities that are affected due to pandemics. The Accounts NextGen explains that Linkedin provides this feature.
  • Exploring the career path: LinkedIn comes with an option naming “Career explorer” that can easily help you to find the opportunities that match with the skills and the experience you have gained over the past years. of the job opportunities that are affected due to pandemic. The Accounts NextGen explains that it will show you have transitioned into the skills that you need with the LinkedIn learning courses to build them up. The platform will also connect you with the open jobs that support you.

In a conclusive viewpoint: We hope that by now you have got a clear picture about how to find a job that matches the criteria you set for your wished job in this pandemic period. This piece of information is provided by Accounts NextGen, however, you can always look for more information through related blogs and articles available on the internet.

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