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Dedicated to help individuals in their difficult times, we offer lending hand in the form of comprehensive loan assistance and services.

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Ques 1. In what segment does your company offers loan?

Ans. You can get a loan from us for any purpose as long as it is a legal one. We offer residential, business, car as well as personal loans to our clients at cost-effective rates.

Ques 2. Where does your loan service extend to?

Ans. We provide loan solutions Melbourne wide. If you are residing in Melbourne, we can assist you finding the suitable loan for you as per your present financial needs and situation.

Ques 3. How should I determine the ideal loan that is in line with my needs?

Ans. This depends upon your personal circumstances. There are a myriad of accessible loans and you can choose the most suitable one for you by speaking with one of our accredited, specialist consultants. It is vital to deal with a professional trusted organization as acquiring a loan would be amongst the significant decisions you will ever make.

You can also make a comparison of loans with our loan comparison calculator to find out your suitable type.

Ques 4. Why should I choose Accounts Next Gen instead of a bank?

Ans. We offer competitive interest rates and products and constantly strive to provide a rewarding and positive experience. Unlike banks, we present bespoke services as we understand that each customer has his own unique borrowing needs that need to be paid attention to.

Ques 5. How much sum can I borrow if I am in need of a home loan?

Ans. Borrowing capacity ranges from lender to lender. To determine your borrowing capacity, we will personally access your situation. You can also use our calculator to get an indication of your borrowing capability based on your expenditure and income. Our borrowing power calculator carefully accesses your income, expenses and loan details to determine your potential borrowing amount.

Ques 6. Will I get a business loan if I have bad credit?

Ans. A check on your credit history is one part of our process of loan evaluation. You may still hold eligible for a commercial loan depending upon your circumstances. We are responsible lenders, which signify we will not lend to the concerns which are accessed to be unable to repay. This safeguards your business as well as our business.

Ques 7. What can I use Accounts Next Gen personal loan for?

Ans. You can use our personal loans for almost anything. You can pay for the things you actually need such as home improvement, travel or for the certainty of being additional cash ready if you somewhere require it down the track. You can also utilize the loan for consolidating the existing debt.

Ques 8. What documents are required to apply for home loan?

Ans. In conjunction with your home loan application submission, you may require supporting documentation that substantiates your income and confirms your identity. Few of the documents might include your proof of identity, tax returns, current bank statements, statements on the other loans (if taken) and others.

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