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Tax FAQs

What is a Tax Return?

People working or residing in Australia are allowed to pay tax over and above their income. Tax rates can vary depending upon your visa status. Taxes can be deducted directly from your salary if you have been issued a TFN or tax file number.

If you are planning to leave Australia anytime soon or by the end of every financial year i.e. June 30, look forward for filing your tax return; overpayment of tax can be claimed.

Who can claim tax refund ?

If you are working in Australia and tax been deducted from your income, you can claim your tax refund..

When you can apply for the tax refund?

The end of financial year i.e. June 30th is the date after which you can lodge your tax return and claim tax refund. Therefore, if you have worked in Australia anytime during the period July 1st to June 30th, you can claim back your tax in your tax return.

What are the payment options and the service charges for tax accountants in Melbourne?

We accept all the credit cards at multiple platforms like Visa, Bankcard or Mastercard and you can also pay through direct methods too. There is no upfront cost involved, merely a small administration fees is imposed that can be deducted from the tax refund.

Can I trust you for my personal information?

The personal information sourced by you while filling the tax return will reside in Online Tax Australia secure database. Post confirmation of the tax return, the data is transferred electronically to Australian Taxation Office (ATO) through a secure and direct link. Privacy laws are strictly implicated by us and will not disclose any personal information without the user’s consent.

What information and documents are required for the completion of my tax return?

We guide you through the documentation process for providing and compiling them. Our quick questions will help you to solve the list of documents that will assist you in filing your tax online. We do not want you to source any text online or send them to us.

If in any case I owe some money to Australian Taxation Office, please let me know the procedure to get my refund.

If your estimated tax assessment depicts that you owe any money to Australian Taxation Office, then you will be issued a tax payment advice within 14 working days at your nominated or mentioned address in your form.

Do I need to present or sign any paper before lodging my return physically?

We provide an option for digital signing up of the papers in one of the steps while proceeding for online tax return. The residents or the taxpayers don't need to send any physical copies or sign any piece of paper.

Does your company provide any assistance in filing income tax through my mobile?

Certainly, Yes! If you are using an iOS device, then you can download our free app at Our application interface is smooth to install and offers the users smooth processing of their income tax through various steps.

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