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Social Intelligence Can Help You In Improving Your Interview Process!

Social Intelligence Can Help You In Improving Your Interview Process!

Have you ever listen to your gut feeling? Most of the time, people do listen to that, but when it comes to any job interview, have you ever seen an interviewer to said that they would make the decision based on their gut feeling? Yeah! It is surprising, but you might be very surprised to learn that gut reactions do have the scientific logic behind them.

Social intelligence is the feeling that helps in examines that how the physiology of a person has its influence on a person’s feelings and how important a role other people play in the emotional reaction.

Humans are hard-wired to syn

You may want to understand the theory of our reaction, and for that, you can start with the emotional intelligence theory of American author Daniel Goleman. The theory states that identifying the person’s emotional triggers and values helps improve the relationship and self-management skills.

Later he has his book called “Social Intelligence- the new science of human relationship.” In this book, he has gone beyond the emotional intelligence of humans and examines how humans interact as a group. As per him, the brain of humans evolved to read each other emotional cues quickly- especially the emotions which are strong such as fear or panic.

As humans grow socially, they learn to interpret the face-to-face interaction with lighting speed, which enables them to decide each other. The wiring that is explained is also derived from the desire of humans to find harmony. As people perceive the emotions of others and reach unconsciously, they tend to syn with each other, and it is the phenomenon known as emotional contagion.

Tactics applied by social intelligence help people overcome all those unconscious tendencies so people can make more independent and informed decisions. So you may have understood what this looks like in recruiting and hiring?

Group responses can drive your gut reaction!- See How?

If you will think about the example that we read in the starting when the interviewer had said he would listen to his gut when he was evaluating the candidate. Goleman explained that it is the unconscious registered in these physical clues and verbal are affecting the interviewer’s evaluation.

Have you ever been a part of an interview panel where they have given or shares their feedback about the candidates, then your reaction will get affected by the emotional contagion?

You may be making a decision based on your mood or biases, or any position or seniority may influence you. You may get some feeling about the candidate who may fit in that particular position. Emotional contagion can have the impact your responses in various ways.

The importance of the perception of another panel member can impact the whole group, and emotional flow with special strengths from the person who is socially dominant in the room can influence the other people with less perceived power.

Unconscious biases are based on race, gender, appearance, or age –it can be their’s or any other. Emotional contagion can occur across virtual communications such as social media, news, or pop culture.

How social intelligence helps to reduce the unconscious influence

Have you ever thought about how you will be able to reduce the unconscious fight and bias emotional contagion? Applying for social intelligence in the interview can help in giving a fair shot to qualified candidates. There are three areas in which employers and candidates use the practical tactics just to improve the experience of the interview, and these are-

  • Personal Information-  If you want to connect with people, you need to check how reactive you are to another person’s emotional state, which is important during the interview. If you want to bring your social intelligence to your personal interactions, you need to follow these things-
  • You need to give your proper or full attention to the candidate and also eliminate all the distractions in the background and turn off the notifications
  • In the virtual interview, you need to maintain the eye-contact and focus on the image of the candidate and position your camera at eye level.

You need to demonstrate that you listen to them and nod with approval or tilt your head to show that you are interested; you need to lean forward to indicate the involvement and ask the follow-up questions.

  • Hiring Panels- When there are so many voices in the process of hiring, it decreases the risk of emotional contagion. You start taking the filtering decision based on the perception from the past success.

Degree requirements are the common example of this pattern-recognition bias. You may have hired people with a university degree in the past, but it is not important to have the degree to perform the job, but it may close the door for the job seekers who are qualified. If you want to bring the social intelligence to the hiring panel, you need to follow these things-

  • You can collect the feedback from the panelists just to avoid emotional contagion in the group.
  • You can filter the feedback of the panelists with biased language before sharing the result with them.
  • You can also include the company representatives and recruiter on the interview panels.
  • Candidate evaluations-  To bring objectivity to the hiring process, you can provide data and information to the interviewer. If you demonstrate the candidate’s competency, you can help the employer get the potential employees who will match the things that have always been to add the culture and bring a new perspective to the workplace. These are some of the points that will explain to you how you can bring social intelligence into candidate evaluation, and these are-
    • Introduce the pre-employment assessments, which will measure the specifics related to job ability.
    • Brain games, puzzles, or other cognitive ability that demonstrate the learning style of the candidate through problem-solving, reasoning, and comprehension.
    • You can also take the situational judgemental tests, which will show the employer that how the applicants will react or respond to that job scenario.

If you apply social intelligence to the interview, it will expand the talent pool and create an inclusive and diverse workplace.

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