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Guidelines for Accounting Immigration

Guidelines for Accounting Immigration

There is a lot of demand from the Australian Immigration 2019 program for Management Accountants and Chartered Financial. It’s not an easy process, the Accounting Immigration 2019 codes have been red flagged for removal because of myriad contributing factors, such as competition has become immensely high for Accountants planning to move to Australia under any of the Permanent Residency Immigration Visas.

If you are a chartered financial and want to immigrate to Australia, you should start the process now because it is not certain for how long Accountant code stays on Skilled Occupation List. As it can be removed from this list any time, so if you do not start now, it might become a more difficult, expensive and time consuming process for you. Still there are chances of you getting permanent residency visa as a trend has been observed that 189 and 190 visas are being granted.

Getting visa expediently can also be done,  as a good case might take up to a year and they process your form faster, then it can take from 6-8 months for you to get permanent visa.

Let us have a look on the latest data related to immigration-

Financial Accountant Australia Immigration 2016 Visa Availability-


Financial Accountant: Code 221111   
State189 Visa190 Visa489 Visa
Australian Capital TerritoryAvailableNot AvaialbleNot Avaialble
New South WalesAvailableAvailableNot Avaialble
Northern TerritoryAvailableAvailableAvailable
QueenslandAvailableNot AvaialbleNot Avaialble
South AustraliaAvailableSpecial ConditionsSpecial Conditions
VictoriaAvailableNot AvaialbleNot Avaialble
Western AustraliaAvailableAvailableAvailable


Is ACCA recognized in Australia?

ACCA is recognised in Australia, in fact this qualifications is recognized globally. All type of Chartered Financial Accountancy Exams are recognized for migration purposes.

Is CIMA recognized in Australia?

People who have qualification of Chartered Institute of Management Accounting can use this certificate for immigration to Australia. The only thing is that candidates should have passed Professional levels of CIMA and also hold Chartered status.

Accountant Immigration Australia 2019 without a Degree

CIMA and ACCA are international qualifications which are accepted globally and they are beyond undergraduate degree status. Hence, those who have Chartered Status can be given a degree for Australian Immigration purposes.

But if you do not have an undergraduate degree and Chartered status, in that case you’ll be given degree status for Migration that would give you additional 15 points on overall Immigration Points.


Accountants Immigration Points Requirement

Overall points needed for Accounting in Australia is minimum 65 points which is more than the far and above which is required for other occupations generally. So, the accountants who plan to immigrate to Australia in 2019, they should have a score above than 65.

Australia Immigration Requirements for Accountants 2019

Competition for Accounting Immigration is increasing. For example, Western Australia is interested to attract Qualified Accountants by the 190 Visa class; but before visa is given, the applicant should have a secure written job offer. So, if you are thinking about the 190 Visa class, it’s imperative to keep your options wide.

Accountant Immigration 2019 Skills Assessment
Scoring a minimum of 65 points under an Accountant code, you will also requite to secure a Skills Assessment test. You would however need to take an English test, which is not that difficult, it is similar to the ones you must have learnt in your school.

English Language Requirement
English test is a mandate and the good part is that if you score above average in English test, you get an extra 10 immigration points towards the 65 needed for Accountants. Also, if you score Superior English, then you get 20 extra points.

IELTS or Cambridge English Exam for Australia Immigration
For an Accountant immigration, it is necessary that you either take IELTS Academic test or Cambridge English Advanced test. However, people usually score better in Cambridge English Advanced test.

Paperwork Requirement for Accountant Skills Assessment
It depends from applicant to applicant. You can also get expert guidance through this process from the professionals. Infact, they would ensure that they take care of everything.

Some of the documentation required are
Evidence of employment
Tax returns
Company returns (if self-employed)
Letter of Good Standing from your Regulatory Authority
Exam certificates
Exam transcript certificates
Evidence of name changes

Please note there is a set format for Migration references and your CV that needs to be followed.

Accounting Jobs in Australia

Before doing the Accounting job search in Australia, first wait to get a positive result in Skill Assessment. Once it is clear then you can start the job search. But getting jobs is not easy and the competition is growing, as scoring 65 points is not an easy task. As per the conditions and red flag, it can be seen that in near future applications might close for new immigration and may remain closed for a couple of years.


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