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Eleven ways to prepare for an accounting interview

Eleven ways to prepare for an accounting interview

Accounting is a rapidly growing field, but do you know that getting jobs in it are not easy.   But for a well qualified applicant nothing is tough. No matter how good your academic records are, your performance in interview plays a key role in filling the vacancy of the accountant job. Your interview may help you beat other applicants with better records for the same vacancy.

An interview serves the opportunity to showcase your brilliance, confidence and spirits to the recruiter. Therefore, to impress and convince the recruiter, here are some basic guidelines that must be followed by an interviewee. Just tag on the following eleven tips to outshine your competitors-

  • Do some research about the nature of the job

Before sending application for the post to any organization, do some research about the accounting firm. Try to have intensive knowledge about the business and the post that you apply for.  For example, if you have applied for audit, then gather information about auditors, their work, their duties and liabilities along with knowing the function and motive of the concerned department.

Further, get verse with the culture and values of the firm to have edge over the other applicants during interview. Stay attuned with any new revision in existing laws and introduction of new concerning laws as such questions are generally asked to know about  knowledge of current state of affairs concerning to the specific field of accounting.

  • Know your application form & CV

Interviewer will put some questions to you directly about details mentioned by you in your CV and application. Don’t forget to go through them. On being asked about information filled in by you in the form, do not give copied and pasted answer. Respond in detail and make sure any statement of yours should not contradict information penned in the CV.

  • Exhibit your extra ordinary points

Everyone knows better about himself, showcase what best traits that can fetch you preference over others. It could be your experience, education, extraordinary communication skills or interpersonal skills. Explore and showcase your best qualities and unique things about you  that can make the interviewer impressed and ultimately can enlist you amongst the preferred candidates.

  • Try to cast impressive first impressions

The old saying of first impression does turn true in accounting world too where direct communication with the customers is involved. Moreover, it matters during an interview too.  Go for interview with appropriate dress, utmost confidence and zeal. Step in with a smile and shake hand with warmth with your interviewers. Remember eye to eye contact is necessary. Also either switch off your mobile or keep it on silent mode before you step in the room for interview.

  • Provide evidence

Carry evidence of document in support of statement uttered by you regarding your essential competencies. Instances are not advised. Present certificate of all educational achievement and accounting course backing your answer with evidence.

  • Be honest

Honesty is the trend of all ages. Reply honestly to all questions and a bit of exaggeration or false detail may cast wrong impression of yours on interviewers. Cheesy replies are not recommended at all. We recommend honest reply.

  • Get ready to deal with typical situations

You may be asked to find the solution for any situations or technical issues that are quite common to the accounting world. Such questions are often put before candidates to check their vigilance, communication skills, capability to tackle the problem, mental strength to keep calm in adverse situations and other skills. Prepare such stories to avoid embarrassing silence during interview

  • Try to be a good listener and request for clarification in the case of ambiguity                                                                                                

In case of any reason, you could not understand the question asked to you; then simply without hesitation, request the interviewer for clarification thereon. It is vital to be precise during an interview and running out of the track is simply not suggested.

  • Get verse with basics

This is important as an applicant is supposed to be proficient in the fundamentals of accounting. You could come across across questions related to accounting, be prepared with the subject.

  • Maintain the balance between confidence and over confidence

Confidence is constructive and can help you procure job. On the contrary, over confidence may make you lose your job. Be confident and don’t bother if you are less qualified for the job as confidence is majorly looked upon by the interviewers along with decent qualification concerning to the job type. One can express and respond well on being confident. Remember interviewers do not like overconfident chaps. Your qualification already places you in a position that has the potential to put you in a confident position.

  • Be prompt and punctual

 Time values those who value time. It is well applicable in the world of business too along with fitting well in other walks of life. Reach before or on time at the venue of interview.   Exhibit careful and accurate tendency of your personality as it is greatly valued in the accounting world. On the contrary, reaching late and showing carless behaviour may finally end in rejection.

One of the benefits of reaching before time is that you can calm your nervousness before exam; moreover it offers opportunity to get verse with the environment. You can respond with confidence to each and every question asked in an interview without having butterflies and stress in your stomach.

Few tips to prepare better in an accounting interview

Accounting being a difficult field to study and work has numerous jobs available in the market, but it depends on your skills if you qualify for that interview or not.

Here are some tips which if you follow will definitely help you to do better in an accounting interview:

  1. Go through the basics:

To get top grades in college does not guarantee success in the interview. So before you go to the interview, make sure you go through the basics.

  1. Proper research regarding job profile:

When you don’t get a good job, you go for any job and this affects your CV. Just don’t get into a wrong job for the sake of earning money or simply doing the job.

To start your career, you should select your sector in the starting itself and it is better to wait for the right job than indulging into any kind of job.

  1. Motivation:

Motivation is one of the factors to be considered while you prepare for an interview. Do see some videos to motivate yourself and don’t take much stress.

  1. Excel:

Accounting work includes system work where Excel plays a major role. Make sure you know the formulas and also know the shortcuts of excel.

  1. Communication:

Many of the people get rejected in the first round because of bad communication skills, so make sure you have good communication skills. Prefer to speak in Hindi instead of using wrong grammar and pronunciation. Else to learn English, you can also watch youtube videos.

  1. Good research:

Wherever you are going for the interview, make sure you know about the company and the profile properly; you should be prepared on your part. You can either refer the company’s brochure, website or Wikipedia.

  1. The first Impression does make a difference:

Remember the first impression makes a big difference. So when you meet your interviewers, greet all with a smile or a handshake.

  1. Reach on time:

Never get late for an Interview, as it leaves a bad impression. Sometimes being late also shows about the non-seriousness towards the job.

  1. Ask for clarification:

In case, you don’t under the question asked by the management, make sure you request for clarification. It is better to ask for clarification rather than giving wrong answers.

  1. Honest:

Be honest and don’t write in CV about which you don’t know. If asked the same question, it may affect your impression. If they ask you something and you don’t know the answer, be honest and say you don’t know about that.

  1. Know about your Resume:

Know in and out about your resume. Whatever you write in the resume, you should know about that and you should be confident about that. Your interview totally depends on your CV and form which you fill. So whatever you write in the form and CV will decide about your result of interview. So make sure you write about each aspect carefully.

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