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Lying on your resume could be a crime

Lying on your resume could be a crime

SourceYahoo News

Embellishing facts on a resumé is rife in Australia, but few job applicants know they could be arrested for it.

The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) has conservatively estimated that 25 per cent of job seekers have inaccuracies on their curriculum vitae.

UNSW criminal law professor Alex Steel says that, depending on the nature of the inaccuracy, the lie could be considered a crime.

“There are crimes of fraud and forgery, and sometimes inaccuracies in a CV or reference could amount to either,” he said.

“Additionally, the inaccuracies might mean the tort of deceit has occurred and leave the person liable for damages. It might also be a breach of a term of an employment contract and lead to termination of employment.”

As well as losing their jobs, resumé liars could face court and possibly career-ending media coverage, and the prospect of a ban by professional bodies.

“You are entitled to cast your personality and experience in the best possible light, but the main rule is that the underlying claim can’t be untrue,” Steel said.

“If there is something that an employer needs to know or has a right to know, you shouldn’t omit it either.”

There have been several examples in Australia of people who’ve faced criminal charges after embellishing their resumés:

Myer executive who lied his way to a $400,000 job

Department store Myer sacked its general manager for strategic and business development after discovering he lied on his resumé.

Andrew Flanagan, a court heard, had claimed he had worked in jobs with salaries of $180,000, $140,000 and $350,000 before landing the $400,000 package with Myer.

He engaged acquaintances to be fake referees, who also lied to confirm his fake job history.

Flanagan was found out on the first day of his work after Myer publicly announced his appointment and an old “employer” contacted the retailer to deny that he had worked for them.

He walked out of the office at 3pm that day to supposedly retrieve documents that would prove his past employment, but never returned.

“Your engagement of dishonest friends to falsely vouch for you lifts the level of sophistication in your frauds and thus the gravity of your crimes to a far more serious level,” said Judge Gerard Mullaly.

“That you got away with hoodwinking such senior people in business, who I take are not gullible people, also reveals your concerted efforts to deceive.”

Flanagan was sentenced to a three-year corrections order, which involved 400 hours of community service as well as alcohol and mental health treatment.

Woman jailed for having herself as referee

Veronica Theriault, who was appointed as the head of IT in South Australia’s department of premier and cabinet, was arrested in 2017 after lies were discovered in her CV.

She was sacked from her $270,000-a-year gig for writing a false 20-year work history as a tech executive and claiming fake university degrees.

Theriault also invented a fictional person, ‘Ms Best’, to act as her own referee.

A judge this month sentenced the Western Australian woman to 25 months in jail, with a minimum of 12 months to be served.

Know the Absolute Ways to Get a Pay Rise

Every employee deserves to get a pay rise when they are doing excellent work. But, like always, we hesitate to ask for a pay rise because of having fear of rejection from the boss. So likewise any Australian, you can also approach your boss for a pay rise in a unique way, which might even give you a promotion. Take a look at the things you should know before asking for a pay rise to your company or boss.

Check your designation’s worth first

Before you could proceed to ask for a pay rise to your company, make sure to do some research on your classification first. To know what others are getting paid for their job, use an Australian professional salary calculator. It will be calculated according to your designation, working years, and level of experience you have in your job field. If you feel you are underpaid for your designation, then proceed for a pay rise.

Check the time to make a pay rise request

Once you have done your research about the pay scale, the second thing you must keep into consideration is the perfect time to make a pay rise request. Know about your company budget assets, rising scale, and potential scale. If it fits, then without thinking for a second, request to get a pay rise. But if it does not fit in the time, then don’t fiddle your fingers and wait for the glory to avoid rejections of a pay rise.

Be an optimist and ready for negotiation

Once you get into the shoe of payment rise, make sure you have negotiation skills. Be prepared with your pen and paper while making an argument of a pay rise. Be confident for negotiation because if you are prepared with your research, then you boss has also researched as well before you. Be humble and polite while communicating and be real during the communication to present your future goals so that they will realize your pay scale and raise your level.

Be ready with the plan

If your pay rise is not getting in favour of you, then be merely prepared with a backup plan. Ask politely about your work reviews, performance in the company, and also make sure to check enough what other employees in the company are getting paid for the same designation. If it fits in your favour, then make a statement about your work experience and how you have added value to the company.

Get your promotion

Congratulations, you get a pay rise and promotion. Going step by step on your way of the development will make you grow at every level. Politeness is the key to success. Whenever you request a pay rise, make sure to be ready with your homework first to get the worth pay that you deserve for your designation.

Now you have read enough about getting a pay rise, make sure to follow these steps, and achieve success. Work hard with honesty, and set priorities while you are doing your work as it will always make you successful in your job for getting a pay rise.

Different Accounting Qualifications for a sky rocketing Career

The job prospects for qualified accountants are never low as it is a must to have department in every company belonging to any industry. If you want to pursue a career in accounting and reach at the top notch spot expertise in the field of accountancy, have a look at the accounting qualifications available –

Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA)

It is a top accounting five years duration course extended by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ICAEW).  The ACA qualified accountants are catered off the cuff learning and workplace training component for complete proficiency in the realm of accountancy. The cart off point with this course is that the candidate is supposed to join a training agreement with an authorised boss before taking admission to the aforesaid qualification.

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
 This is the most popular accounting course amongst students looking for top notch spot in the accounting field. It confirms extra ordinary career in accountancy, management and finance.  The biggest advantage of the course doesn’t need any type of training agreement giving choice to establish links with different employers while pursuing the course. 

Check out the list of ACCA’s digital qualifications for aspiring students with non business background who still look to gain ACCA course online experience.

Financial Accounting: This preliminary qualification aids candidates to:

  • become skilled at recording, processing and reporting business dealings;
  • the study of trial balance showers the skills of tracing, identifying and correcting slip-up;
  • It offers intrinsic knowledge about making financial statements and comprehending the qualitative features of functional information.

Accountant in Business:

Accountant in business (AB) is the option for those interested in learning the interconnection between the employees and the system of an organization. This course is a sort of preparation for the ACCA exam while giving the certification of diploma in AB course.

Intermediate Bookkeeping: Accountants with certified book keeping course are taught the skills to

  • augment their monetary and book-keeping skills;
  • Preparation of financial statements;
  • For preparation of  the maintenance of Financial Records (FA2) exam;

Management Accounting:  The qualification in management accounting aids the candidate to take right business decisions concerning to finance and investment. Check out the following points to understand it more clearly-

  • It provides skills regarding the financing of business operations.
  • To strategise and control inflow and outflow of cash.
  • It teaches and acquaints the students with the decision of capital investment.
  • Optimum and best utilization of working capital

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

To pursue the certified public accountant (CPA), the work experience and good grades in  the comprehensive exam is needed  and is conducted by the American Institute  of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). The student with the licence in CPA can work and grow in diverse fields of financial management and accounting.

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

CFAs course imparts training in investment analysis and portfolio management. It requires successful accomplishment of three –level exams consecutively before procuring the CFA license. It is an internationally recognised certification and enhances the expertise as portfolio managers. CFAs can also become research analysts or consultants.

While summarising about online accounting qualifications, it can be said that they are highly beneficial and offer-

  • the confidence to commence a profession in finance, business or accountancy;
  • It caters an opportunity to swot up business or finance at the level of school or college;
  • It caters courage and podium to initiate your own business.

Few tips to prepare better in an accounting interview

Accounting being a difficult field to study and work has numerous jobs available in the market, but it depends on your skills if you qualify for that interview or not.

Here are some tips which if you follow will definitely help you to do better in an accounting interview:

  1. Go through the basics:

To get top grades in college does not guarantee success in the interview. So before you go to the interview, make sure you go through the basics.

  1. Proper research regarding job profile:

When you don’t get a good job, you go for any job and this affects your CV. Just don’t get into a wrong job for the sake of earning money or simply doing the job.

To start your career, you should select your sector in the starting itself and it is better to wait for the right job than indulging into any kind of job.

  1. Motivation:

Motivation is one of the factors to be considered while you prepare for an interview. Do see some videos to motivate yourself and don’t take much stress.

  1. Excel:

Accounting work includes system work where Excel plays a major role. Make sure you know the formulas and also know the shortcuts of excel.

  1. Communication:

Many of the people get rejected in the first round because of bad communication skills, so make sure you have good communication skills. Prefer to speak in Hindi instead of using wrong grammar and pronunciation. Else to learn English, you can also watch youtube videos.

  1. Good research:

Wherever you are going for the interview, make sure you know about the company and the profile properly; you should be prepared on your part. You can either refer the company’s brochure, website or Wikipedia.

  1. The first Impression does make a difference:

Remember the first impression makes a big difference. So when you meet your interviewers, greet all with a smile or a handshake.

  1. Reach on time:

Never get late for an Interview, as it leaves a bad impression. Sometimes being late also shows about the non-seriousness towards the job.

  1. Ask for clarification:

In case, you don’t under the question asked by the management, make sure you request for clarification. It is better to ask for clarification rather than giving wrong answers.

  1. Honest:

Be honest and don’t write in CV about which you don’t know. If asked the same question, it may affect your impression. If they ask you something and you don’t know the answer, be honest and say you don’t know about that.

  1. Know about your Resume:

Know in and out about your resume. Whatever you write in the resume, you should know about that and you should be confident about that. Your interview totally depends on your CV and form which you fill. So whatever you write in the form and CV will decide about your result of interview. So make sure you write about each aspect carefully.

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