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Importance of LinkedIn for International Students

Importance of LinkedIn for International Students

In this age of the internet, there are a lot of social media platforms. But all those have been designed for the purpose of fun except for one. It is called LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a completely career-oriented platform where the posts and interactions are related to the works. It is a great platform for all of the working class people irrespective of their background whether they have completed accounting training, tax training, or any other training, this is the best platform for you.

Why you should be using it before you start your graduation:

Even if you are not a graduate at this time, you should start using LinkedIn. It is only because we are living in such a time when most of the works around the world are being done online. So, it will provide you with ample opportunities to make ready for industries in the future. There are several employers who look at the social media presence of the employee to check the taste and preferences of that employee. And LinkedIn is a place that can give you the best knowledge about what goes on inside the industries.

A basic user guide for LinkedIn:

Like all the other platforms, you should start using it by making your profile first. The profile making is not so simple as it requires several skills and other preferences. Once you are done with these details, find the groups where professionals are engaged in chats. Once you start following those groups, always keep an eye on the tab that provides news about those groups. It will keep you updated about the present situation in the industries.

The ideal profile for students:

This is the part where most of the students fail because they don’t have much experience and want to appear unique among others. You should take care of the finer details that you have to fill in. At first, your profile picture should look professional. If you are trying to mention the experience that is primarily concerned with work, it is not possible because you don’t have that. You should be mentioning the skills relevant to the jobs that you want to do in the future.

If you have made some connection with someone, you should prefer sending them personalized messages. Only this way you can make important connections and you will be able to catch the attention of the employers.

What is there for international students:

There are some additional tips for international students. If you are studying abroad, you should keep these points in your mind while making your profile non LinkedIn:

  • Don’t forget to write about your background in the profile. Your skills may be unique enough to grab the attention of the employers.
  • Every activity of yours should seem professional to others. It helps a lot in making a good impression of yours in the minds of your employers.
  • At least one recommendation is mandatory in your profile.

If you are living in Melbourne, there are various institutions that provide the best accounting training in Melbourne, tax training in Melbourne. You would get a lot of help in getting a job in the future after the completion of such courses.


If you are unable to find good guidance on the internet, Accounts NextGen is the best place where you should be. We are determined to provide the most relevant information that matters to you.

Exciting things to do as an International Student in Australia during Summer Vacations

International students in Australia look for summer vacation to escape from the semesters and enjoy holidays. Warm cosy summers invite students to do a lot more stuff in Australia. Students don’t get time to plan for their vacations as they get stuck in end moment assignment works and exam preparations. There are so many things to do during this long summer break in Australia, which might confuse us. So, let us start with the exciting things to do while summer vacations.

Travel to home country

Being an international student who has been staying in Australia for a long time to study, you miss home and home food badly. So, during the summer holiday break, students can plan to travel to their home country and meet family, friends, and loved ones. No wonder how many delicious foods are there to eat; we always find food that is cooked by our mother, especially when we are living in another country and far from them. This vacation plan to visit the home town and enjoy yourself with your family.

Work more earn more

Many international students who are not travelling to their home town are allowed to do more work during summer vacations. It is time to make a maximum profit than at any other time. Overseas students can do a part-time job or even full-time work during their summer vacations. However, international students can also join sales, shops, restaurants, and other work to earn maximum profit from jobs. There are many Australia based websites which help overseas students to search excellent work for them. This vacation, receive maximum by joining more hours of work and enjoy your holidays.

Explore the country with friends

Overseas students remain busy during semesters. The schedule remains hectic with studies and part-time work, and during summer vacations, students want to relax and enjoy only. So, summer vacations are quite perfect for exploring the beauty of Australia and enjoying it with friends. You can plan to visit nearby places in Australia. One can visit Melbourne, Sydney beaches, Opera house, The great ocean roads, beautiful Rottnest Island, and many other places. You will get a different experience of visiting Australia and explore the taste of locality.

Enjoy New Year and Christmas Eves

Summers in Australia are opposite to other countries. When winter is striking in all other countries, then there are summers in Australia. The summer vacations mean enjoying Christmas and New year evening in Australia. Enjoy Christmas in Aussie style by visiting

outdoors activities, street shopping, barbeque nations, enjoy fairs, music, and dance, etc. Winters make your feet freeze, which also freezes Christmas eve fun, but here in Australia, summer weather makes your feet dancing to enjoy this pleasant weather and Christmas at the same time. So, this summer vacation, bring yourself out from your home and enjoy the Christmas eve in Aussie style.

Explore your Hobbies

Every student has a keen interest in their hobbies but forgets to explore them with this busy study schedule. Summer vacations offer you an opportunity to explore your hobbies and even try something new during the holidays. Of course, some love dance, music, paintings, reading, writing, playing, and much more. Summer vacations give you plenty of time to reschedule your plan and explore your ideas and hobbies in whole new different ways. Explore your hidden talent and bring it down to reality.

Reschedule to Fitness Plan

In the modern world, every student wants to look fit and smarter enough to be the centre of attraction amongst their peers. But being an overseas student, it is not possible to schedule your fitness plan when your semester is on. The summer holidays are perfect for rescheduling your fitness programs and shifting to healthy eating habits to get back into shape. Gym freaks can plan for the gym and other fitness programs during the summer holidays.

Go for blogging or writing

Students love writing, then why not start blogging and writing something exciting this summer. You can choose to write something that you always want to write and try different themes and post them on WordPress and other blogging sites. This summer, turn up your passion into reality and earn passive income through this. Summer vacations give you liberty from daily assignment works and hectic schedules. So, plan to write exciting blogs.

Complete your Internship programs

If you have no prior plans to visit anywhere and you don’t want to go for the above activities in summer vacations, then you can also plan for an internship program of summer semester to finish it earlier than others. You have a whole month to complete your semester internship program more before overseas students in Australia. Universities also offer an early semester internship program to the international students who have not yet planned for their plans for holidays.

If you have an interest in accounting, then you can also take up a summer accounting internship.

Opt For other exciting courses

Being an international student in Australia, you have the liberty of opting for a short-term online course to add another degree in your studies. During summer holidays, students can choose various online courses like animation, graphic designing, and many others to enhance their learning skills. It will add up another opportunity to learn some extra during your holidays, which is impossible while the semester is on.

Apart from online courses, the students can also join on-site accounting training, etc.

Living in Australia for studies already offers you a lot of new experience to enjoy and explore. But summer vacations double up your experience as an international student. You can enjoy a lot more other activities during your summer break. This time don’t just sit and watch your summer vacation passing. Stand up and explore a lot more ideas to do in Australia.

Which Australian states are targeting international students?

International education is Australia’s fourth largest export, trailing only coal, iron ore and natural gas, to the tune of nearly $35 billion. That’s a pretty significant chunk of cash being flooded into the domestic economy. When people hear these kinds of figures, they naturally assume Melbourne and Sydney would be the two major players in this space in terms of attracting students, and on sheer numbers, they would be right.

However, several Australian states outside of Victoria and New South Wales have put their hand up in recent times, eager for a slice of the international student pie and the influx of finances they bring.

Western Australia

It wasn’t so long ago that the West Australian government removed a migration points advantage for students looking to remain in the state, in a bid to deter overseas students. Now, with international enrolments dropping as students head to other states for their education, the WA government has introduced a new graduate skilled migration list – designed to retain those who’ve earned PhDs, masters and honours with the promise of a pathway into skilled migration.

South Australia

In response to the booming international student market (which trails only wine as the state’s largest export), plans are currently in motion to develop a 36-storey building to house students in the heart of Adelaide. The proposed skyscraper would tower over popular shopping strip Rundle Mall and would be the tallest of its kind in the City of Churches, with the ability to sleep more than 2,800 students.

Northern Territory

Charles Darwin University is set to find a new home in Darwin’s CBD after both the Australian and Northern Territory Governments pledged a combined $200 million worth of funding towards the City Deal. A state-of-the-art inner-city campus will be built to attract prospective international students and boost Darwin’s reputation as one of the world’s best tropical cities. This announcement will no doubt be welcomed by the Top End’s growing international student population, who currently have to travel between the university’s Casuarina campus and the CBD.

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