Individual tax return

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Individual tax return

Individual Tax Return Melbourne made easy on Accounts NextGen.

Are you a one-man army and do you find it difficult to pile up all your business and individual documents while filing for Individual Tax Return CBD? We understand that you have lots more to invest your valuable time in, rather than taking pains for things that can be done by the experts for you. Yes, you guessed it right. We, at the Accounts NextGen, are the experts in Individual Tax Return Melbourne. So, what are you waiting for? Let us take all those pains and pressures for you and let you free to do something valuable for yourself or your business.

Our executives are the experts in their job and hence they would always be able to help you understand about what you can claim, what are the documents and receipts that need to be kept secured by you, how you can maximize your returns and so on. Being the best service provider for Individual Tax Return CBD, our main objective is to make sure that your Individual Tax Return Melbourne experience is hassle-free and stress-free. We want you to invest your valuable time in doing things that you love.

What documents would you need?

Just to keep it simple for you we have made a list of a few of the documents that you would need to bring in with you. So, let’s have a look into this;

Income Statements:

  • Dividend statements.
  • Bank account details for the interest earned.
  • PAYG payment summaries (from the employer).
  • Other payment summaries from Centre link like Disability pension, Youth Allowance, New start etc.
  • Details of the income and expenses of the investment properties.
  • Documents for eligible termination payments.

Expenses Statements:

  • List of all the work-related expenses (receipts and invoices). This also includes your motor vehicle logs.
  • List and receipts of all the donations done.
  • Interests and fees charged on the investment loans.
  • Heath, Income and Sickness insurance details.
  • The outstanding amount of HELP debts or financial statement loans.
  • The fee charged for the previous year’s tax return.
  • Extra medical expenses bored for any disability aids.

Other details:

  • You can also bring in the details of your partner or spouse like date of birth, taxable income proof, etc. This is just to help you with more benefits if eligible.

The above is just a few of the mentioned documents, however, once you talk to our consultants the list can increase or decrease as per your eligibility. We take all efforts to make sure that you get the highest returns possible.

Our officials go through all the documents and liaise with your banks and the information that is already with the ATO to make sure that we have complete knowledge about your tax returns. All you need to do is just contact us by email, call or direct walk-in, provide us your documents, and relax. You would find your task done within 14-15 business days.

Now you can get rid of all those nightmares that you get while thinking about tax returns. Accounts NextGen the most trusted service provider for Individual Tax Return Melbourne is always at your services.

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