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Congratulations on Bharathi’s full-time Assistant Accountant position in BAE Systems Australia!

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Hi Accounts NextGen team,

I would like to first thank you all, especially my trainers who have guided me through my training and whose insights have greatly helped me in securing a job in my field of choice i.e accounting.

I had prior experience in accounting in my native country. Even though I did have an overseas qualification that matches up to the required Australian qualifications, I was unable to secure an accounting job. Therefore, I had to take up a different job not related to my experience.

After a break due to my maternity leave, I decided to check the opportunities to get an accounting job. It was at this point that I got to know about Accounts NextGen Internships through a friend. I enrolled for Xero Assistant Accountant Programme. I did not know about this software earlier, but the expert guidance of the trainers and the course modules helped me to develop a good understanding. The exposure through internship was of great value, something that I did not get an opportunity during my University studies, with the real-time scenarios enhancing my learning.

Being a full-time mother, the online sessions were very flexible, and I did not feel any compromise in the quality of instructions and learning. The internship was an added benefit on my resume and my understanding which did have a positive impact during my interview process. I got the opportunity for the interview through referral and the positive reference provided by Accounts NextGen did boost my chances.

The overall experience with Accounts NextGen has been a fulfilling one and provided me with the extra edge to gain a job in the current competitive environment. I would favorably refer their training programs to others and do hope many would continue to benefit like me.

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