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How to design a unique cover letter

How to design a unique cover letter

As you all know what a cover letter is? In case you are not fully aware of it, it is a cover letter composed to apply for a job. The standard format of a cover letter is very simple. In the beginning, the person should mention his objectives for going to a particular company. And some other relevant things are mentioned later on.

As there are a lot of freshers in the market who have a little knowledge about designing their CV, Cover Letters, etc. And there are those persons who are trying for many years and that has made them better as compared to the freshers.

Here is a list of things to help you make your cover letter unique:

        1. Start with very careful sentences:

  • No matter whether you are applying for a job, tax training, or accounting training, you should always start with some sentence that seems unique to the reader. If you start in a traditional way, there is a chance that the employer will not read the whole cover letter. In the beginning, you should mention some of your most significant achievements. Keep in mind that the achievement is relevant to the job post you are applying for. This is enough to grab the attention of the employer.

    2. Try to look professional and be genuine
  • Almost everyone is looking for an employee who will fit in the work culture of that company and the employee should think out of the box. Your sentences should be filled with a little bit of humor. This way you will avoid making sentences that include too many technical words. Your cover letter should be full of the things that you consider most important and you will consider speaking those things in your interview.

    3. Choose the templates properly:

  • These are the things that make your cover letter different from others. You should choose the templates that make your cover letter more precise to the point. There should not be extra designs that may annoy the employer. The design of fonts should be uniform all over the cover letter. You don’t need to think much about it because a lot of online platforms are available to design your cover letter.

    4. The Cover letter should be free from any mistake:

  • Most people care a lot about the other things and at the last moment, they prepare their cover letter or resume. At that point in time, it is very likely to have some spelling mistakes and other errors. These things are enough to ruin all your efforts. Even if you have missed a comma, that may also become a matter of concern. You should get your cover letter verified by someone who is better than you in checking these things.

    5. You can try to make a video for this purpose:

  • This step we don’t regard as compulsory but you can try if you are willing to do so. Videos play a very important role in telling a lot of things in less amount of time. But you should make a video which has good quality audio and video. Your employer should clearly hear what you are saying. Be in a completely normal state while shooting the video. If you complete this step carefully, there is a chance that your cover letter would be considered as unique among others.


If you are unable to find a good source of information that may educate you about getting a good job or preparing for the job, Accounts NextGen is there to help you. We provide you the authentic information to help you get a good job. If you are living in Melbourne, you can choose from many accounting training in Melbourne or tax training in Melbourne. Courses related to finance are very helpful in getting a job in this environment.

How to handle tax stress in the COVID-19 time?

2020 was the year that every business of the world had planned for expansion, profitability, and stability. However, it gifted anxiety, fear, and challenges to individuals as well as to business houses. With Covid-19 overshadowing lives, jobs, businesses, etc., it would probably be marked as the worst year for centuries. At the individual level, safeguarding our health from the deadly virus became our priority. Simultaneously, people in businesses ran in the need to stabilize their mental health with the taxation period on the verge.

Preventive measures turned out to be the only solution for every individual, and likewise, CPAs came for the rescue of businesses. Covid-19 pandemic has increased uncertainty, and the task to maintain stability and accomplish official formalities is beyond the word called difficult. CPAs are the only clouds that could drizzle a bit and provide the pacifying cooling effect in the hot storm of dust and heat in the form of Covid-19.

Those owning an accounting practice are versed with the degree of stress involved in it. With pandemic hampering everything around, the anxiety has got deepened with financial and psychological aches. Overcoming or battling with such high intensity of stress may not be easy, but it isn’t impossible to cope with ideal tools and approaches. Ironically, clients look for their accountant as a tool for stability, control, and support.

It is noticed that many accounting businesses have undergone a handsome revenue drop up to 40 % or above. Many CPAs are devoting this phase on mere establishing relationships by providing services either at nominal prices or free of cost. It is quite evident that stress is showing an upward trend on the graph with income scaling downwards.

Dr. Grant Blashki, a renowned clinical adviser, states that people in business are strictly required to need to maintain their health, happiness, and mental wellbeing. A widespread prescription stores its solution like regular exercise, proper and fruitful intake of diet, adequate sleep, sticking to a healthy routine and socializing with friends and family. It is also essential to stay attuned with the virtual tools and use them in the best and advantageous way, establishing and allocating the time for WFH and family life. It is advised not to allow problems to elevate beyond your control.

Overruling the wheel of stress

Disrupted sleep and constant worry about lethargy and low energy are some of the alarming symptoms of stress. However, staying disconnected from colleagues, friends, and family leads to negativity and drops the performance. It is time to go for professional help if any individual quickly identifies these.

For those on a WFH or work from home mission, it is crucial to structure a routine, have the zeal to stick to it, and be in touch with colleagues. Avoid working late or staying awake late or sleeping when the sun shines in the sky. One should emphasize on refreshing and refocusing

Meditation is undoubtedly fruitful, and doing things that exhilarate you should be focussed. The main motive should be breaking the cycle of stress. Take out time from your schedule when only you and positivity rendezvous with negativity far off.  You may even try to form a gratitude list to distract yourself from problems and have a sheer focus on positive things in your life.

Few tips to drop down stress and pressure

Dr. Blashki states that his organization, Beyond Blue, has crafted a website referred to as Heads Up, which contains videos, articles, blogs, and interviews, especially targeting folks in businesses. In short, all the above content has the message and guidance of modes to stabilize business advisors’ mental health. It also offers tips on how they can aid others to come out of blues. It creates an opportunity in a way to strengthen the relationship with clients. With uncertainty all around in business, clients look for all-round support and advice from advisors. Extending support beyond fiscal issues would be valued more during this phase.

Another way out is to conduct workshops for clients to build mental peace and tips for managing the business in the rough patch. Helping others is highly effective in reducing problems and stress. You may find your problem almost negligible in front of others, and the peace obtained from helping others is incomparable. It imparts a great sense of achievement.

We all are dependent on each other, and a small effort in helping others in business or at a personal level can be a massive contribution to the community.

Some tips for tackling

  • Take time off from your business problems and drain your stress during it.
  • Be close and connected with family and friends.
  • Strike balance between work and home realms.
  • Reach out to the accessible resources for your mental stability.
  • Be aware of warning signs, such as fatigue and social withdrawal.

Australia’s Economic Forecast 2020/21

The world is still battling with Covid-19. And like other economies of the world, the Australian economy is also close to collapsing. The impact is visible, with unemployment predicted to shoot up in Australia.

The Australian government cleared its Economic and Fiscal perspective after being trapped by the virus. It has set out the impact of Covid-19 on finances and the world economy. It further stated that all support provided by the government had protected the economy from the negative outcome due to the pandemic. This measure has taken Australia out of the downturn.

It is anticipated that the economy of Australia will shrivel by 2.25 percent in 2020/21. In the year 2020, the government predicts a 3.75% contraction in economic activities, before ascending in 2.5 % in 2021. The government further predicts that the rate of unemployment will escalate to 8.75% in 2020/21, which was computed 7.4 % in June 2020. The government forecasts that unemployment will be at its peak in December 2020, with figures of 9.25%.

The government further mentioned that the JobKeeper subsidy’s introduction came to the rescue of unemployment and hasn’t allowed it to go beyond the forecast. Such a measure saved approximately 70,000 folks from getting unemployed, which otherwise could have risen the unemployment rate by 5% more than the current unemployment rate.

Whereas, others gave unenthusiastic estimation. The OECD concluded with the forecast that the economy of Australia will contract 5 percent in 2020 due to COVID-19 infections) which will further decline to 6.3 percent if the infections from the virus hit back with more power. The OECD stated that next year, the economy would grow by only 1 %. The OECD stated that the system should confirm that the social safety net is ample and think of investing in energy efficiency expansion.

As per the current scenario with Australia still fighting with more rounds of infections, the economy could not return to its stage in December 2019. It could level it up to the growth rate in 2019 around 2022 only.

As per the forecast of Australian Treasury:

  • US economy will reduce by 8.0 percent in 2020 and grow up 4.75 percent in 2021
  • China is anticipated to grow 1.75 percent in 2020 and 8.25 percent in 2021
  • Japan will shrivel 6.25 percent in 2020 and nurture 2.75 percent in 2021
  • India will shrink by 4 percent in 2020 and grow up 4.25 percent in 2021
  • The Euro area will be worse affected by a shrink of 8.75 percent in 2020 and a growth of 5 percent in 2021.

 From Fiscal point of view


According to government, it has endowed the economy with A$289 billion in monetary and balance sheet measures, roughly 14.6 percent of GDP. Fiscal aid further continues with the JobSeeker Bonus Payment, the JobKeeper wage subsidy, and the Cash Flow Boost.

Balance sheet steps taken by the government include the SME bank loan guarantee scheme. The straight fiscal aid by the government approximates at 9 percent of GDP, which is undoubtedly among the largest packages offered by the rest of the countries of the world. It is considered that colossal expenditure will save the finances of the nation. The fundamental deficit is estimated to be A$85.8 billion in 2019-20 or 4.3 percent of GDP. However, in the year 2020-21, the deficit is presumed to escalate to 9.7 percent of GDP.

Net debt of the KIWI’s is predicted to breed from A$488.2 billion in 2019-20 to A$677.1 billion in 2020-21.

Policies introduced

In addition to tax and superannuation relief from the government, it has recently introduced and implemented various policies to safeguard the economy from prospective damage.

  • Extension of the application period for early access to superannuation

To provide a way out to people struggling amidst COVID-19, the government permitted people to procure superannuation with the maximum limit to $10,000 in 2019/20 and $10,000 in 2020/21 income year on the tax-free ground. The application period will also be extended to 31Dec 2020 from 24th September 2020.

  • Extension of COVID-19 SME Guarantee scheme

The Coronavirus SME Guarantee Scheme has been declared to save and provide working capital to SME’s (small and medium enterprises). The scheme is extended from September 2020 to June 2021. According to the program, the government caters assurance of half or 50% of the loan offered by entitled lenders to small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Expansion of Apprentice and Trainee wage subsidy

Apprentices and Trainees wage subsidy is also expanded. The new wage subsidy gave small business employers 50 % of an apprentice or trainee’s wages for nine months with the limit of A$7000 every quarter. The subsidy slated to end on 30th September 2020 shall extend to 31st March 2021. It has been expanded from 1st July by the inclusion of medium-sized businesses.

  • JobKeeper Wage Subsidy extension 

As per the latest introductions by the government, the JobKeeper payment that was scheduled to end up on 27th September 2020. It will extend to 28th March 2021 to eligible businesses and not for profit. The payment rate is slated to decrease from $1500 per fortnight for eligible employees and $1200 per fortnight for business participants from 28th September 2020 and $1000 per fortnight from 4th January 2021.

How COVID-19 has impacted the young CAs, and how can they take advantage of this current time?

The Novel Corona Virus has changed the working style across the globe, with the world going virtual. What seemed unrealistic earlier has now become an integral part of our life with the spread of COVID-19. Across the world, with some limitations and a bunch of advantages, every business and every profession is learning to overcome the deadly emotional and fiscal outcomes of the pandemic. For young Chartered Accountants (CAs), the outbreak of the deadly virus has created uncertainty and dilemma about their future.

COVID-19 outspread will be remembered for generations for the commencement of new working styles by facilitating businesses on virtual platforms, pay cuts, work from home trends, and rising unemployment with a large number of people going jobless. Just like other professions, CAs in New Zealand and Australia are also facing the outcomes of economic crunches due to the Corona Virus. They have been the victim of uncertainty about their future too.

Psychology professor Paula Brough requested that the young CAs be prepared for worse conditions, which could be a reduction in working hours or losing a job with the economy getting weak. Losing a job would amount to more significant difficulties of managing households, releasing expenses, payment of insurance premiums, or home installment or rent.

It is, therefore, vital for young professionals to maintain their physical strength. Taking a break is advisable, and so is seeking someone for support.

Working on soft skills

With the businesses facing hold up or multiple issues for their profitable survival, it is considered to be an excellent time for the novice or young CAs to inculcate soft skills which would aid them to combat the uncertain world.

Communication with the client is vital.

It is immensely crucial for young CAs to have strong communication with their clients and not rely on others. With the outburst of COVID-19, we shouldn’t expect them to be experts or technically proficient. CA’s are expected to work on their interpersonal skills. Communication from both ends is important and more significant to develop understanding and reliability between the two.

With everything on the internet, clients can have easy access to all information, but an advisor is always needed for expert and sound advice. Your communication skill should have an impact on being remembered and understood by the client. Your words should encourage clients to react and act. The bespoke response is requested to clients in their verbal style as one key won’t fit in all locks. New technology should be used to make the client understand like video calling or conferencing in place of traditional phone calls.

Adapt the new trends and be tech-savvy

The young and new CAs should be versed with the latest technology trends and be tech-savvy as much as possible. Being a CA, you should be creative, forward-thinking, and do planning to be ahead of time with new technology as it eases the work with newly added and improved features. So, go and check the most exceptional software company and its ideal pricing proposal. Know what tools are being used for screen sharing or video recording.

Every year, thousands of technological tools are introduced. Use the best one for an appropriate time to know it entirely before you suggest them to your client.

 Virtual association with like-minded people

Owing designation of CA is like icing on the top and imparts excellent benefits as you get to associate with the people having a similar mindset, approach, and knowledge. It facilitates you to connect with the folks belonging to the same industry and get acquainted with other chartered accountants.

The Auditing work after the Pandemic Era

Keeping the financial record for a business with high accuracy is one of the auditing teams’ foremost works. They are actual fact-checkers or information verifiers of the firms. However, with the emergence of the Covid-19 crisis, things have changed as well as the work too. All sectors, including financial and non-financial, are battling for their survival. Thousands of workers are losing their jobs amid the financial crisis.

Although the Pandemic Era has taught us an important lesson about the imperativeness of technology. Today, all sectors have been marching towards online platforms rather than being stick to physical work.

Andrew Marks, the Audit director at William Buck in Melbourne, says, “the technology was there before, but the Covid-19 era has taught the significance as well as the necessity of technology.”

Today, we are connecting and doing our auditing work from remote areas too. It means, earlier, we weren’t sure, but now we are doing our all conversation and auditing works through video conferencing applications like Zoom or Google.

Covid-19 Impact on Auditing work

The auditors are often termed as the capital market protectors. From elite street investors to banks, the finance people build their trust and make future decisions based on the accuracy of auditors. And today, amid the most significant financial crisis, the role of Auditors is going to be huge for the big firms and finance people. So, let’s find out how Covid-19 has impacted the Auditing work-

Home-office Concept

The Pandemic has brought some technological pieces of evidence that we can run the economy through online mediums too. However, auditing work requires accuracy, and we need to attain some professional standards also. With proper technology infrastructure, the home-office concept of auditing is currently functioning. And we can say this functioning will be going to last long.   


Amid the Pandemic, online work has become a vital part of our lives. But at the same time, the online data leak and cybercrimes are becoming significant concerns.

While speaking on the interests of cybersecurity and necessity of online work, Mark Hucklesby, a national technical director, Grant Thornton, New Zealand, said, “we need have to have encrypted services while sharing or working on client’s data. The cloud software is equally important for preserving the standards and privacy of the client’s information.

Obstacles in Auditing

Mainly the external auditing is now majorly depending on the clients. It means they depend on the clients to get the right information and documents upload. For example, the Australian National Audit office reached its clients for proper access to information and timely uploading.


The current Pandemic Covid-19 has brought some unprecedented challenges, which almost caused the unbearable repercussions like life threat and economic crisis among the people. Both problems are causing enough pain to society. So, it is up to you now, whether you want to strive and work hard for life or accept the fate.

And adopting technological change is also one of the ways through which we can revive our economic conditions. So, these were a glimpse of auditing work that will be adopted by most firms in the future.

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