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How to upskill when you’re self-isolating

Source: The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has seen rapid and significant change sweep across the world of work, with organizations activating business continuity plans and transitioning their employees to remote working. For a large proportion of us, then, our day-to-day working lives now look very different to just a few weeks ago. Added to this […]
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Professionals call for revamp of the accounting education system to attract the young crowd

Accounting professionals, accounts institutes, colleges, universities, and consultants are demanding new standards and education in the accounting sector so that more and more young group gets attracted towards them. According to the accounting education department of Australia’s consultant Heath Smith and pre-eminent product ‘Hype girl’, something is missing in the fundamentals of accounting. Firstly, when […]
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7 Tips for Surviving the Aussie Tax Season

1. Plan Early and Communicate Remind your family and social circle that tax season is coming up and you’ll be busier than usual. Plan ahead by letting them know you’ll be putting in long hours at work and may be unreachable at times. Set expectations on how you’ll respond to requests and obligations. You’ll find […]
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