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Different Job Types Available for Accountants in 2022

Different job types available for Accountants in 2022

When one thinks of an accountant’s profile, the first picture in our mind is of a person behind the desk filling taxes or recording all the transactions of the firm. Someone with a boring personality that one is used to seeing once a year. But with 2022 the exception from the job market and career field is disparate. One wants to work in a field that is fun to work in.

With the change in the working culture, the field of accounting has also upgraded. The accounting career has also taken a shift from a traditional to a modern view. As the number of accountants is increasing day by day, one can find different types of accounting job profiles. Accounting job profile till last year state that a career in accounting can lead to a lifetime career. The pay is good, the work is not in the heart of the city, and, most importantly, the opportunities are limitless.

Now let’s learn about some accounting job profiles of 2022: –Number one is Tax Accountant

Tax Accountants are specialists in taxation. They are the star of the tax months. They work for all individuals, small and large firms. They are usually responsible for tasks like filling in taxes in place of corporations and individuals, auditing, record keeping, management, financial advisory, etc. It is expected for tax accounting wanting to pursue a corporate position to have a good experience in the field as corporate taxation is quite complex.

Secondly, we have the Bookkeeper

Do you know that you do not need any specific degree for becoming a bookkeeper? Bookkeeper is an integral role in daily financial management. It is required for the success of all small and large businesses and firms. Bookkeepers play a crucial part in the company as they maintain the company’s books and records. With that, they also take care of accounts receivable and payable, invoices, bills, etc.

Then comes the Financial Department.

We have a few different roles in finance, including the following:-

  •  Financial controller: It’s a position of financial management and business leadership, and the work is closely done with the executive team. The task involves complex accounting and other financial and managerial operations. With all that, they also take part in internal policymaking.
  • FinancialPlanner: They work with details and the client’s financial plan. They advise individuals and make important analyses for them. They play a crucial role in maintaining the good financial health of their clients.
  • Financial analysts: They deal with a business’s financial data. They look after past financial data and also future financial data. Their work includes estimating future income and expenditure, they anticipate the company’s losses and profits. With that, they check the company’s financial health.

Further in the list, we have other accounting job profiles including:

  • Chief Financial Officer: It is a position held by experts. it is a high-ranking job profile that requires good leadership qualities and experience. They are the ones who ultimately have to take care of the company’s financial health.
  • Forensic accounting: It is evidence-based accounting. They deal with missing money and look out for any fraud.  They can also be relied upon to testify as an expert witness in court cases.
  • Auditor: They manage the company’s internal and external finances. They also look out for business risks in the company. Auditors are supposed to ensure that the company is running smoothly and under rules and regulations.
  • CorporateAccountant: Last but not least comes corporate accounting. It is also an important job role that involves operations like managing firms’ records. They also ensure that the business is moving functionally.

Thus, the future of accounting is bright and not dull like it is anticipated to be. One can look out for various types of accounting jobs available on the market according to their needs and requirements.

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