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How did the accountants tackle the challenges of COVID-19?

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This pandemic has changed the world in a very different way. These challenges also brought too many challenges for Accountants all around the world. As most of the employees were forced to work from home, they had to learn about various technologies for doing that. Even the conventional works got a digital taste.

In this blog, we are going to talk about Kylie Baxter and the situations that she along with her firms faced due to this pandemic. She is the managing partner of IQ Accountants. Just like all other firms, she had to instruct all her employees to work from home.

But she knew the challenges that the employees of her firm were about to face in the coming future.

Facing the truth

It was hard to believe in the beginning. But after she saw that one of the employees in her company tested positive for COVID-19. Because of that many others were also isolated for a specified duration of time. After this, Baxter realized that it is time to change the way they work.

Many employees were not ready to adapt to this change but at last, Baxter told the truth. She told everyone that they will be out of the business if they are not willing to change theta working style.

Changing the priorities

In this section of the blog, we are going to talk about Stephannie Jonovska, manager of BlueScope Steel. She also had to face tough situations due to this pandemic.

Now that everyone was in the middle of the pandemic, they had to make the final changes. This was the most important thing to do for maintaining the presence of business in the market.

The first thing was to maintain the cash in the firm. It is the most important thing to run a business. As the situation was not a temporary one.

Then the firms started to find out the most important things in the business, the most important projects, and several other things. Wise employers were busy in maintaining the things that mattered the most and had the ability to breed the most outcome.

As everyone was working from the home so, there was a short of disconnect between them. We had to make sure that the employees feel connected to each other like they are inside the walls of the company. And all the employees were motivated a lot to maintain to cope with this extraordinary challenge.

At last, Jonovska said that she was very happy to see that all employees were very helpful in reaching out to each other. Though it was hard for the employees to understand the emotions of others via the screen, all of them were able to get used to this situation very quickly.


This pandemic has taught us several things. People in business had to deal with the changing environment and at the same time, they were very short on cash. This was quite a challenging time for them. It has taught the world that businesses need to be prepared for the worst situation even if they are working in normal situations.

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