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Interesting Accounting Jobs to do after Graduation

Accounting is a career with several subfields in it. Doing graduation in accounting does not predetermine your career in one single direction. You are not bound to settle in a small room with files surrounding you. Accounting opens many areas for you like forensic, environment, risk management, treasury, etc. You can look for some cool and amazing jobs in various fields of accounting. Some of them are mentioned here.

Travel the world with accounting: International accountancy is a specialty that will allow you to see the world. An international accountant may be required to manage taxes in various nations. This is a specialized accounting position, you will require additional certifications and it would be advantageous if you speak at least one foreign language.

Be creative: As an accounting software designer, you will create tools for general use or for industries with specialized demands. BGL Corporate Systems specializes in building and supplementing accounting solutions for organizations. Some accounting software remains industry-specific, but alternatives such as Xero are popular.

Work for a cause: Working for a non-profit is a great way for accountants to contribute to organizations that are changing communities on a local and global scale. Environmental accountants evaluate sustainability initiatives, propose new strategies to reduce environmental impact, and quantify the company’s profit because of conscious decisions.

Work in the entertainment industry: An entertainment accountant is frequently one of the first professionals engaged in a film. You would be responsible for handling daily bookkeeping, taxes, and royalty payments. Some accountants manage entertainers’ accounts directly, while others specialize in fashion accounting or the music industry.

Effect on large enterprises: A merger and acquisitions transaction can make or break a firm. You may be the person who analyses a potential target’s financial accounts. Your analysis of strengths and weaknesses could be the deciding factor in a million-dollar deal. If you have the capacity to see the large picture while simultaneously paying attention to financial minutiae, a career in mergers and acquisitions may be for you.

Work with start-ups: Accountants advise and manage the finances of entrepreneurs and startups. Supporting new ventures is a fast-paced job with an intense work environment. You’ll need to get involved in risk assessment, financial planning, budgeting, and money management.

Work within forensic: A Forensic inquiry is all about searching for clues – but instead of tangible evidence, you will be looking for incriminating information. As a forensic accountant, your work could be critical in determining criminal charges against individuals and organizations involved in illicit activity. You may even be called to testify.

Be a sports accountant: Sports accountants negotiate salaries, forecast events, handle payroll and prepare budgets. They can also provide advice on the financial implications of trading players. Sports accountants must master specialized accounting methods as well as be able to plan for influencing elements such as how fans’ emotions may affect the team’s financial situation.

As an accounting graduate, you’ll be able to explore a variety of professional prospects. Every firm needs accountants, so your options for accounting jobs are only limited by your own passion. So go find something that makes you happy and productive each day.

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