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Online dating for graduate hires: How a recruitment firm is changing the game

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Source: Accountant Daily

Accounting firms looking for their next graduate talent can now swipe their way to a new hire as a recruitment firm launches a new approach akin to an online dating service.

Striver, a recruiting platform, has now launched a new recruiting process for accounting firms to match with potential graduate hires based on the character and values of the applicant.

Striver chief executive Alisdair Barr said the new approach could be viewed more like a dating service in a bid to match employers with the right talent who aligns closely with the firm’s values and culture.

“I’m not a huge fan of that analogy” Mr Barr said. “But it does kind of more genuinely reflect our approach to graduate resourcing.

“Employers, in our experience, want to really understand the values and character of the people they’re letting in to help service their clients, and our approach does facilitate that with a flat-fee structure.”

Both employers and graduates are required to complete free online profiles on the platform, with Mr Barr hoping that the process will change the way accounting firms attract and hire graduates.

“We seek to match not only on qualifications and requirements, but on deeper values across a number of areas,” Mr Barr said.

“With every graduate we allow onto the platform, we complete comprehensive vetting with cutting-edge psychometric tests, behavioural interviewing and personal coaching before making an introduction.

“As a result, our approach enables the firm to resource graduate talent that is more closely aligned to your values and needs.”

Accounting Evolution director Adrian Sibbick said the new process had been a hit for his firm.

“During this busy period of COVID, we have been under increased pressure and needed to hire new staff with less bandwidth. However, we were continually bombarded with emails from recruiters regarding talent with no understanding of our needs,” he said.

“It was refreshing to be able to set up a profile on the Striver platform, review all the smart university graduates who know exactly what they want and have Striver recommend a few of the most aligned, and within hours of interviewing two candidates, we hired them both.”

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