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What can you do to be unique after Graduation

What can you do to be unique after Graduation

The number of students who graduate every year is in millions. But a study suggests that only 3 percent of those graduates are good enough to get a job. In this blog, we will talk about some key points that would make you suitable enough for getting a job. Certain things are lacking in most of the aspirants. Go through this blog carefully to get an idea about that.

So, any student studying at some graduation college will want to become one of those 3 percent who makes it to the job. As per the report of the Australian Association of Graduate Employers, there are about 33 applications for one job after graduation.

Most of the people know that the majority of the employers see academics at first and then they will look for qualities like leadership and others. But there are some other things as well which matter. Take a look at the list below:

          1. Communication skills:

  • About 90% of employers think it is the most important skill of an employee. The communication skill comprises of elements like transfer of feedback to and from someone, ability to listen, and understand what someone is saying, skill to present some idea. But one thing you should keep in mind that communication skills alone can’t help you get a job.

    2. Ability to work in a team:

  • Having good team-work abilities is very crucial for working in an organization. To be good at it, you need to have better communication skills, able to avoid conflicts and if conflicts arise, you should be able to resolve them quickly, the ability to decide a goal and make a roadmap to achieve it, etc. This quality is usually found in most of the candidates but you should always try to be good at it day by day. You should care about it even if you are going for an internship like accounting training, tax training etc.

    3. Prior knowledge of the organization where you have applied for the job:

  • There are many companies that prefer employees who have better information before getting a job there. This quality is necessary because the employers believe that having good knowledge about the industry before getting a job will make you more suitable for that job and you will need less time to adapt to that working environment. Here are some ways you can know more about your employers:
  • Go to the official website of that company and read carefully about everything that you find there.
  • Try to get some information about the projects completed by that company.
  • Take a look at the challenges that your company is facing right now.

    4. Emotional skills:

  • It is also regarded as one of the important skills for getting a job. Having better emotional skills means that you have control over your emotion which eventually will lead you to control the emotions of those who are working around you. Any employer wants their employees to be good psychologically for better performance that is why emotional skills play a role in getting you a good job.

    5. Your awareness about commerce:

  • One thing you should always make sure that any firm runs for-profit and that profit is measured in terms of money. Commercial awareness plays an important role in understanding the financial situation of your company and those who are associated with it. This will make you able to assist your company in taking strategic decisions.

After all these, you should keep in mind that certain qualities can make you stand apart from others no matter where you are. Patience plays a very important role in getting you out of trouble in most of cases. In the same way, if you are resilient, you will get well after some failure very quickly. The most important thing in your life is to keep your mind in a stable state all the time. You can very easily do it if you are resilient.


If you are living in Melbourne, there is no need to worry much about getting a good job because this city is full of opportunities. There are several institutes that are well- known for providing the best accounting training in Melbourne, best tax training in Melbourne, etc.

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An overview over types of accounting jobs for you

Accounting is not just about balance sheet and formation of other financial statements. It is an extensive field offering large scope of employment in its various accounting streams. We bring you brief information below for fresh graduates not versed with the choices in the accounting realm. Pick the one that fascinates you the most –

Management accounting

Management accounting comprises of providing aid in the making of management decisions, performance management system and devising planning. In simple words, management accounting is the stipulation of non financial and financial decision making information to managers. It does not involve any accounting standards like financial accounting. It is concerned with the estimation of cost, planning of budget and prediction in the interest of the company.

Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting is a kind of accounting that involves scrutinizing the deceitful or fraudulent deeds, disagreement, and lawsuit in a company. It is a blend of Investigative accounting (involves criminal cases) and Litigation support (involves investigation of economic losses). Forensic accountant may have to appear in court sometime as an expert witness and their job is all about reviewing and analyzing the data to be presented in court’s proceeding. They simplify the complex financial transactions and figures to avoid confusion during the court proceedings.

Certified Public Accountant – (CPA)

 The job of CPA is different from other types of accountants as they assist in the conduction of newly established business houses, or about to commence business or small business.   Their liabilities include financial advice, bookkeeping for their client, keeping records of business and computation of Income tax.

Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting is about summarising, analyzing and reporting of a business’s financial transactions. It is concerned with preparation of financial statements. Financial statements are prepared for external parties like share holders, banks, government and suppliers. In other words, the main objective of preparation of statements is to give the idea of financial proceedings about company.

Set of standards of financial accounting are mandatory to be followed by the company and varies from nations to nations.

Government Accounting

Government accounting implies to the process of managing and maintaining the records of financial transactions like income and expenditure incurred by the government. It is mainly concerned with recording, classifying, analyzing, and communing information to the government.

Government accountant’s job is to prepare reports of investment and funding of their respective government agencies. They are supposed to submit reports to the President.


An audit is a systematic examination of books, records, accounts, vouchers and documents   of an organization to examine the link between established standards and declaration. It is of two types, namely internal audit and external which are conducted by internal auditors and external auditors respectively. Internal auditors belong to the company itself whereas external auditors are independent auditors who conducts audit to ascertain the genuine operation inside the business.


 Which profession to go for?

Decision about profession should not be taken under influence. Go what your heart says and   chose the one that challenges your mind.

Survival guide for graduates seeking job

Searching for a job has never been an easy process. Whether you are a fresher or experienced, searching for a job is challenging. Especially when passing out from the college, it is an entirely new world. And many questions come to your mind, such as how to start, what field to choose, which company you should apply, and so on. But there is nothing to panic as below mentioned are a few tips which would help you in keeping calm and taking a wise decision-


  • Your resume should be strong- Entry level roles get many applications, so if your resume is different, it would give a good impression. Ensure that you do not write much about your personal information such as energetic, flexible, etc. Instead of this, write more about professional skills and tell how can you be beneficial to the employer. Most importantly, your resume should be keyword search friendly, as if you include your technical skills or other competitive skills and soft skills, they make your resume visible and would reflect in the initial pages.


  • Seek feedback- Asking for feedback is vital as it would help you to grow and work on the negative points. Well, feedback can be both positive and negative. If you get positive feedback, that means you get to know about your skills and negative feedback states the field you need to work on. Whenever you work on any project or assignment, you should always ask your seniors to give feedback. Getting feedback is the best way to learn as it will help to improve your career and make your overall personality better.


  • Expand your search criteria- If you are looking for a job in finance and some particular companies, then do not just stick to them. Always try to expand your search radius by making a list of organizations you want to work, note down the job positions you can apply for, change the location, etc. as it is not possible that your dream company has the openings when you need the job. So change your preferences and apply in multiple companies for different job titles which you are capable of. This would help you in getting job quickly and would benefit your career as well.


  • Meeting new people- To build interpersonal skills and expanding your network, it is imperative for you to meet new people. You should try and make a point that you meet that one new person every week. Take people out for coffee or anywhere you are comfortable. This would make you more confident and would increase your knowledge too as more and more people you meet, they tell you new things which you are not aware of.


  • Prepare for your interviews- Never take your interviews casually, instead prepare for them thoroughly. Before going for an interview, do proper research on the employer and the organization. Ensure that you prepare answers for the basic questions asked in every interview and practice them with your friend or coach. Make sure that the answers are unique and convincing and should seem naturally made up. Also, try and ask some questions; in the end, as it will leave a good impression.


So, these were some of the tips to prepare yourself if you are looking for a job. Do not wait till you complete the graduation, start searching before so that you are not left behind.

Accounting Grads career options for a thriving future

Accountants work with people, SMEs, large enterprises, non-profits organizations, and government offices to plan and organize monetary and tax documents. Accounting is characterized as an organized way to keep records of money related exchanges, summarize those exchanges, and analyze, confirm, and prepare the reports. Another way to see at bookkeeping is that it’s a data framework planned to report the reliable data for the financial exercises of an organization.

There is an assortment of careers for the accounting grads and some of them are:

Internal Auditing:

Internal auditors give an autonomous, objective examination of an organization’s funds. Internal reviewers basically distinguish budgetary mismanagement or extortion or distinguish ways to progress monetary administration and decrease waste. Reviews are utilized to supply financial specialists with an exact budgetary picture of publicly exchanged companies. Corporate and retail financial specialists utilize the data uncovered through inside reviews to choose which securities are worth acquiring.

Government Accounting

Government offices now and then utilize support bookkeeping, which could be a way to partition assets into categories for tracking the source and utilization of these reserves.  Fund accounting is additionally regularly utilized by non-profit organizations.

Entry-level employment is too accessible with the government for the state and metropolitan government offices. New accounting contractors may serve as junior evaluators, staff bookkeepers, or charge inspectors who survey recorded assess returns for exactness and adherence to the law or income specialists who audit complex business income, deals, and excise tax returns. Experienced bookkeepers can move into senior and administration positions in comparative parts.


Management Accounting

Management bookkeepers have an inner business part that supports business supervisors in making trade choices. Management bookkeepers prepare point by point reports and estimates for supervisors inside the company. These reports are not aiming for public review. Management accountants track and analyze inner money related data by planning, executing, and overseeing inside monetary management frameworks.

New accountants who take occupations in enterprises frequently start as junior inner inspectors or as staff bookkeepers in ranges such as budgetary bookkeeping and announcing, administration bookkeeping, or assess accounting.

Public Accounting:

Public accounting covers a wide extent of administrations, issuing the open money related reports for a company, giving trade counseling administrations or individual monetary arranging administrations, and planning assess returns.

New accountants who do public accounting may serve as staff evaluators who analyze and confirm exercises in particular assigned client accounts.

Various other jobs:

Bookkeepers can become teachers at the post-secondary level for community colleges, schools of commerce, and colleges. Gaining a Ph.D. is usually required for college-level professorships in accounting. Professionals with foundations in accounting can moreover serve as specialists in any accounting/financial capacity for which they are qualified, or work in non-profit organizations in employment that are comparable to those found within the corporate world. Tax accounting includes keeping records for paying charges and making choices that comply with charge laws.

Notwithstanding of assessing status or commitment, all people and organizations that create income, get pay, or acknowledge subsidizing may advantage from the administrations of assessing bookkeeping experts.

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