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The way to get jobs for the future accountants in the changing environment of COVID-19

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The lifestyles of people around the world have changed a lot due to the spread of Corona COVID-19. There are various things that have changed or you can say almost every sector has experienced some changes in this period of time.

Some experts of recruiting people from Hay surveyed about this situation and came up a few things that matter if you are an accountant and planning to get a job. It is always advised to have a certificate of accounting internship for getting a good job.

There were around 1100 employees in this survey and about 51% of those people insisted that 3 things matter the most in getting a job in this diverse environment. Those are:

  1. Industrial experience
  2. Cultural fit
  3. Well-designed CV

Nick Deligiannis (managing director of Hays in Australia and New Zealand) said, “In such a state where their companies have suffered severe losses, the employers are in no mood to take any risk. SO, they are looking for the best quality employees. So the aspirants need to have all the essential information highlighted in their CV.”

The type of experience you will have depends a lot on your accounting training and the organizations where you have worked in the past.

Any employer wants you to prove that you can do a job better than others. So, if you present an accounting internship program, it will add a lot to your abilities. You have to prove your competence at this point. One way you can do it is by showing your capabilities for the growth of the organization and relevant facts in your CV to fit in that job.

Here cultural fit means your compatibility with the work culture of an industry. You need to be fully aware of the working environment in the organization you are going to work. If you do proper research on this topic before your interview, your answers will be more aligned to the expectations of the employer. And that would be a fantastic characteristic of yours.

While making your CV, you have to make sure that you should include the facts/things in your CV that are easily quantifiable. Start by mentioning the tasks that you have completed in your accounting internship. Quantifiable things are very important in proving your abilities for a specific job. And one thing you have to keep in mind that your CV should have an acceptable format.

Most of the aspirants fail to quantify the things mentioned in the CV because they have no idea about how to make it. Here are some tips about that:

Mentioning only the growth of the organization that you were working in is not enough. You have to mention the percentage of growth. The number of team members that you have managed in a project is also an important thing to mention. When given a time frame, what is the quantity of work that you can deliver is a very relevant point to mention in your experience. This is the way you should design your CV for the maximum chance of getting a job.

Soft skills are also very important for being shortlisted for interview in an organization.

As the work culture has suddenly changed due to the spread of Corona COVID-19, there are a lot of individuals who have no idea about how to make their CV more suitable for a job. This is only because the demands of the employers have also got changed.

The final result of this survey revealed that 39% of the persons who are seeking a job are completely unaware of the ways of getting to an interview, 33% of the aspirants are a little bit aware of this situation while there are 28% jobseekers who know about how to land a job in this changed scenario.


If you are unable to find a true source for getting information about what is going on in the financial sector around you, Accounts NextGen is the best option for you.

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