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Work from Home Tips to make you more Productive

Work from Home (WFH) is the new trend of 2020, and thanks to the deadly pandemic COVID-19, that has made the lesser preferred trend to be the need and rage of the year. Some have found work from home to be a blessing while others have a tough time working in their personal space. Work from home involves significant challenges too, along with easing problems like driving for hours to office, etc.

In this article, we bring you ten hacks proven to be quite useful in enhancing productivity while working from home. Check them out and try to implement them to enjoy high productivity amidst the comfort of home.

Value your time

Don’t schedule anything else during your working hours. People often indulge in everything other than their essential office work while being away from the office. It is vital that you set your working hours and don’t let any other thing interrupt you while you are working from home. Time management is essential to have outcome-driven working at home.

Stick to the calendar

Try to save your forthcoming schedule on the calendar. With the world on a digital platform, you may use Google calendar, outlook calendar, or Apple calendar. Block time for things on your calendar schedule. Often the calendar makes the decision and helps with its guidance by telling you what to do on a priority basis. It works as a boss to self-employed folks also and aids in being more productive.

Go out a bit too

Sitting the whole day at home and working normally lessens productivity as one gets sluggish and sick of sitting in the same posture. Changes are a must, and for a change, go out and raise your productivity. You can try sitting in the sun with your laptop or go for a walk

 Strike balance between home time and work time

Your office hours at home mustn’t eat up the family life you spend at home doing household and quality time with your family. One needs to strike a balance between home time and work time and excel in both walks of life.

 Concentrate on your current task

The idea of founding an office is to avoid distractions at home. While working from home, make sure that you do what is in your hand first and not let your focus get distracted.  Learn to focus on one task only. Multiple tasking is considered proficiency, but while working from home, kindly avoid it as you may end doing nothing eventually.

Website blocking software

Often while working on the system, notifications catch out attention, and we go on to browse social media apps like youtube, FaceBook, or switch on chatting. It usually consumes a good number of hours of the day, which is sheer wastage that you could have turned useful otherwise. Get website blocking programs from the market to not let anyone distract you.

Be officially dressed

Working in casuals always may not give you the feel of the office, and often it affects the intensity of work.  Being in official attire keeps the mind in the right frame and aids in sticking to work. Also, you may immediately switch to video calling or video conference without being afraid of your appearance.

Go for a time tracking app.

Wastage of time is inevitable while working at home, and to minimize wastage, it is vital to use a time tracking app. It would help in adding accountability and increasing productivity.

Take time for joy

In the hassles of managing the work at home, take out the time for your home as a rejuvenating act is vital. You may try your hands in the kitchen or going out on a long drive to refresh yourself. Working all day isn’t humanly possible; everyone needs to schedule joy to not to recreate yourself but to augment your productivity in the office front.

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