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Work on you Professional Profile this Summer

Exams are over and summer holidays have just begun, aren’t you excited to rock and roll this summer?  We are sure you would be getting ready for that crazy beach party but summer mornings are not all about insane hangovers, right! Holidays are a time to sit back and relax for a while but it is also a great opportunity to learn and improve your professional profile. So don’t wait for the year to end when you can begin your hustle right away. You can start with anything that upskills your knowledge, joining any organization as an intern or working on that summer project. We are here to tell you some amazing ways by which you can improve your resume this summer, stay tuned.

  • Internship: Summer internships are one of the coolest ways to spend your 2-3 months’ holidays in the best possible manner. Working as an intern will be counted as a crucial experience on your CV. Most organizations usually start hiring summer interns early to provide them with various opportunities available.

  • Courses: Learning is the best investment to make. If you don’t plan to work this summer then you can look forward to doing some offline or online courses where you can still brush up on your resume. An online course is a great way to start networking and work on those skills you always thought about like mastering coding or learning French. These courses are a very convenient and flexible way of improving your professional profile.

  • Volunteer: Volunteering is another way to make your professional file look good. Recruiters love people with volunteer experience as they appear to be compassionate, take initiative, and carry empathy for humankind. Applicants with volunteer work look more creative, confident, and interesting. It is a fun way to find like-minded people and learn about fields that one never thought of.

  • Casual jobs: One can also look for some casual jobs, it’s a good way to get some retail experience. During Christmas time most companies hire casual workers to reduce the burden of the Christmas rush. You can work with brands that you like and get a hand on some experience in working with professionals.

  • Pick up that side hobby: You would be thinking how a hobby can upskill your portfolio but it totally can. Learning a new hobby or investing your time in an old one can boost your confidence and make you look different from others. It will enhance your skill of learning new things and will help you to impress the recruiter with some amazing talent. Hobbies are not just only fun but a creative way to learn!

We agree that you deserve “me time” and need to relax out all that semester tension but once you are ready we advise you to do something more productive. Summer mornings are not just for crazy hangovers. Rather you can have your decaf and get ready for your once-in-a-lifetime learning experience. Improve your portfolio with something fun to learn this summer, wish you a happy experience!

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