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How to finance a Caravan or Camper

With the holiday season fast approaching, millions of Australians are more excited than ever to get away. One of the most popular holiday options in recent years has been heading off in a caravan or camper for a road trip. Before going out and buying a caravan or camper, it’s well worth thinking about how […]
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When’s the best time to Buy or Sell a Property?

With the spring selling season coming to an end and Christmas just around the corner, many buyers and sellers are getting ready for a well-deserved break. The traditional belief is that spring is the best time to sell and it’s for that reason we see the largest volume of transactions taking place throughout September, October, […]
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Things to consider when building a Property Portfolio

While we all have different goals when it comes to property investment, for those out there that want to continue to grow their portfolio there are a number of important considerations to take into account. Many homeowners unwittingly become investors when they look to upgrade their first home and decide to keep the original property. […]
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How to Save for a Deposit at Christmas Time

Traditionally, the Christmas and New Year period is the time of year when many of us tend to overspend. While this might be well-meaning, as most people are simply buying gifts for family and friends at Christmas or going on holiday, you need to be sure that it doesn’t blow your budget.
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Greater Bank: Lowest home loan hits Australian market at 1.69pc

Source: Financial Review Australia’s home loans market has witnessed its lowest rate on record. But it’s not available to everyone, and there’s another catch. Australia’s home loan market has witnessed its lowest rate on record, showing signs lenders are still willing to drop rates to attract new mortgages. Customer-owned Greater Bank has dropped its one-year […]
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Importance of your Home Loan choice

In Australia, the spring property season is about to arrive. And this year is quite exceptional. As the effects of Corona are fading away, the federal government is introducing numerous grants and incentives to get the economy back on track. Here, we are going to discuss the importance of your home loan. The price of […]
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How to apply for your First Home Owner Grant

First Home Buyer Grant worth $10,000 is available for all those who are either buying or building a new home. And this grant’s value is about $20,000 for those who buy a new home or build a new home in regional Victoria. All those who have signed the contract of their home between 1 July […]
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