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CPA Australia: Accounting and finance professionals will be the next CEOs

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writing down plan x
writing down plan x

According to CPA Australia, accounting and finance professionals will emerge as favorites for top jobs thanks to their experience during the pandemic. Problem-solving skills will be in high demand.CPA Australia media chief Jane Rennie said accounting professionals are increasingly recognized for the qualities they embody.

During the pandemic and other global crises, accounting and finance professionals have been in high demand. We expect to see more CFOs in the top job by 2023.With its ability to observe both the accounting profession and the business world, CPA Australia said it was well placed to comment on career trends.A global network of accountants provides us with a unique insight into the labour market, she said.

Over the summer holidays, we expect a spike in jobseekers. Now is a good time to reflect on your career and ensure you’re prepared for the changing workplace.”Businesses would try to attract talent by becoming more flexible in 2023.It will no longer be enough to allow employees to work from home in a tight labor market, said Dr Rennie.Employers seeking to differentiate themselves will offer hyper-flexible workplaces.”

As a result, more employers may begin offering a four-day working week at full pay, including international remote work.

As professionals expand their skills through non-traditional work paths, traditional notions of a career trajectory will be outdated in 2023, according to the association.

As a result, “the concept of the career ladder is dead. Employees are now climbing a career ladder,” Dr Rennie said. “Stepping sideways, changing industries, and taking on unexpected roles will be the norm in the future.”

Non-traditional career paths develop interdisciplinary skills, which can be used as a selling point for candidates and employees.

Due to employees’ ability to make their mark and have a measurable impact on operations, medium-sized employers would become the most desirable in 2023.

“Middle-tier, or Goldilocks employers, offer the best of both worlds,” said Dr Rennie. “We expect Goldilocks employers to become employers of choice in 2023.”

A greater number of workers would also seek to make a difference through their work, according to the association.

The 2020s have already been filled with emotional, financial, and political upheaval, she said.

As a result of these disruptions, many employees now want their work to have a deeper meaning than just earning money.

As a result, more people are expected to seek out work that allows them to pay forward their skills.”

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