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Higher salaries inspire school leavers to consider accounting career

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Source – accountantsdaily

Citing recent data from recruitment agency SEEK, where accounting was ranked among the NSW top professions as the highest for salaries, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) are encouraging school leavers to take up accounting.

Lee Whitney, CA ANZ group executive account management, said accounting has also taken the lead as one of the top jobs for career opportunities.

“A career in accounting means more than just strong employment prospects and great pay; studying accounting prepares you for many career paths from corporate roles to working in not-for-profits,” Ms Whitney said. “Accounting skills are strongly valued from a variety of roles and sectors.”

Ms Whitney said it is a “very exciting time” to take on a role in accounting, as many of the positions are gearing up for “sustained future growth”.

CA ANZ said, on top of this, it makes for interesting work, there are no career limits as well as on-the-job learning. Ms Whitney said continuing professional development will be core to the job, “so you will forever be learning, improving and expanding”.

Additionally, income and travel are some of the reasons CA ANZ said school leavers should look at an accountant’s career. It added that having a CA will ensure new starts will be globally recognised and have more opportunities to work overseas.

“Ultimately, studying accounting and the view to become a chartered accountant will inevitably open doors to a very bright and interesting future,” Ms Whitney said.

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