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Schemes That Will Help Employer To Create Or Inflate Entitlements

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You may be aware of many schemes to create or inflate the entitlement to the cash flow boost, but do
you ever think whether the things you can you are doing are right. There are some schemes which
include artificial- Business restructures, Split the business which has the turnover of $50 million and they
may also have re- characterizes the payment to wages and salary and all these things just to maximize
the cash flow.

Strong integrity measures have been developed, and that also just to protect the schemes to boost up
the cash flow of employers. There are some businesses which are involved in these types of schemes

 Have the right on their cancelled credit
 They also have to pay the amount that they have received, and also they have to pay the
penalties and interest with that.

There can be the advisor that helps the client or the business make these arrangements to boost the
cash flow by creating an entitlement artificially. They may be liable for the things such as-

 They can become the subject under Promoter Penalty Law t a civil penalty.
 The adviser may have been liable for promoting the tax exploitation scheme.

Things can happen with the business and the adviser, and that is it is important to protect these
schemes to create or inflate the entitlement for cash flow. There are many things that ATO is doing so
that they can find the people who are following these schemes the right way. And that is why you need
to look for the right to do things through which you can create or inflate the cash flow without making a
wrong decision. If you want to know about them and know about the right way of doing it, you should
have a look over here!

ATO’s working

People may be doing many things to boost their cash flow, and because of that, they may be avoiding
the tax by using a tax avoidance scheme. ATO has been reviewing the business entitlement to the cash
flow boost. They have a digital reporting system, and they can tell how many employees are even
working in your business.

If the ATO gets to know that you have entered in any kind of scheme that is used to artificially inflate or
create the cash flow or for cash flow boost, then –

 You may have to replay any kind of overpaid amounts.
 Or you may not revive any kind of cash flow boost.

If they find any business or advisor in this kind of activity or involved in the scheme, then ATO will take
action against them, and there will be an increase in the scrutiny. The registered tax agent, who is also
involved or given this kind of advice to their taxpayers so that they can claim the cash flow boost then
they may be called by the Tax Pardoners Board, and then they will consider their cash and check
whether there has been a breach of the Tax Agent Services Act or not. They may have to pay the

Things they need to do

If you are running a business and are involved in this arrangement and does not want to face any kind of
a problem like that, then you should-

 Call on 1300 698 436
 Look for the professional advice

Provide information to the ATO about-

 The cash flow boost arrangement
 Name of the promotes that are involved in this arrangement

The information that you will provide will be confidential, so you do not have to worry.

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