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Tax Scamming: Some cues that’ll tell you if you are being Tax Scammed

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If you are on this page, then this is a sign to be more cautious and alert while filing your taxes. We no more live in a world where everyone is trustworthy. Since the tax season is around the corner, the scammers are ready to ambush liable beings who are preparing to file their returns. With the advancement in technology, the fraudster is also upskilling their tricks. ATO suggests that with every period tax scamming is becoming more complex and difficult to detect. But where there is some law-abiding citizen we also have some saviours, namely tax professionals.

So, here we bring some tips from these professionals to detect a tax scammer. Follow this till the end to avoid being tax scammed.


Mostly everyone got a cell phone and a cell number and this number is provided in several documentations. It is very easy to get access to any cell number. Thus scammers have found their way through the handiest device which is a phone. These fraudsters can scam you in mainly two ways: –

The request calls for payment transfer through Bank-

A tax scammer will call you and ask for the due amount that you hadn’t paid yet. They will ask for your personal information in order to complete the process. But remember the ATO will never ask for a payment over the phone call. In case you owe any amount to the ATO then they will send then they will inform you about it through postal mail. Thus, be cautious with your personal information don’t spare it for everyone and anyone. This is one of the ways that you can avoid being tax scammed.

In case next time some fraudster calls you ask for further information in writing and hang upon them.

Warning calls for suspended tax file number-

Fraudster got one more way to hack you, that is through a warning call. Scammers phone customers and convince them that their tax file number has been suspended. They also add that it could either be a result of any criminal behaviour or it has been jeopardized some fraud. They demand the customer to pay a certain fee or to transfer the entire bank balance to some other holding account to keep it safe. And boom they run away with your money and you are being scammed.

But now as we already told you about their magic trick so be more alert and neither share your sensitive information with them nor get influenced by them.


We live in a world where things are done with a click. Every governmental/non-governmental organization got its personal website or app to make things more convenient for people. But with technology, we also get some fraudsters.

It is very easy to send email to anyone and everyone, tax scammer uses that as one of their tricks and sends mail to people around the world. It is most of the time to update your details over the MyGov App. It is one of the easiest ways to access your MyGov information and further read all your personal information.

So next time before clicking on any link, directly go to your MyGov App and check for any updates.

By this, we come to an end. This was all about the signs you can look for to escape from tax scams. If you think you have been dealing with any such fraud report to ATO and seek further investigation. You can connect to our tax experts online via Live-Chat or by phone at 1300 698 436 for any inquiry. Feel free to contact us. Be alert be safe!!

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