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Time management of Successful People| How they do it

Time management of Successful People| How they do it

Have you heard about multidimensional people who manage work and home front remarkably and come out with flying colors in every walk of life? At times, we all wonder how that guy has achieved so much at such a young age.

Success or productivity is not about age; instead, it is how an individual manages time. Would you like to peep into the things one needs to do to improve his productivity? Would you like to know the cause of lag between accomplished and unaccomplished folks?

Have an insight over the distinct style of time management of successful people underneath.

1- Focus on your priorities

Productive folks know what matters most and things that should be primarily emphasized on, which could be a choice between family, work front, or personal glee. Trying to do everything will eventually land you up nowhere. These people with expertise focus their time on quality i.e., what is most important and whose impact would affect most.

Just like productive folks, you too should try to make a list of things that, if not done timely, would lay an adverse impact on social, family, or personal life of yours.  Go through the list from top to bottom and likewise accomplish your tasks from top to bottom.

2 – Don’t let the distraction hamper your focus

After being clear cut about their priorities, these productive people don’t let distractions affect their priorities. Despite obstacles at the workplace, they remain focused, and in the process, know to say ‘NO’ to all that hinders them from their goal. Interruption neither from family, workplace nor from within let them deviate from fulfilling their aim.

Reserve early hours of the morning for most important things as the disturbance is usually less in the morning. Be straight forward in your office and communicate your messages of not being disturbed at all.

3 – Course-correct when things go wrong

Man proposes, God disposes, isn’t it? Sometimes, something very urgent strikes, which could turn out to be more important than your topmost priority of the list.   The productive individual takes a pause, does the urgent work first, and adjusts the remaining time for the priority. These folks reserve the time for their priority and make sure that they remain undisturbed while executing it.

If something unavoidable comes in between, make up the plan B for priority.

4 – Invest time

Productive people plan by investing time. These people are highly disciplined in identifying the time that should be used for planning. These folks would get back in a better way to identify things that should be done at what time and in which manner. Beforehand planning gives you enough room for your most important things to lesser important things to do.

Keep the planning time during weekends when you are on an off, and you have an idea of things to be carried forward from the past and new things to be done in the next week.

5 – Regular breaks for mental and physical recreation

It is firmly believed that the more pause you take, the more productive you become, resulting in improved performance. The duration of the break doesn’t matter; it should rather be completely pacifying and full of leisure.

If you are planning to take a break during work, fix a lunch date. Setting the alarm for a break is a good idea during which you could do some shoulder and neck stretch or exercise for release of stiffness below the neck, or you could take a walk to water filter and accomplish your quench along with a small break from your system. Vacations annually or six-monthly too, are a thing to do in their list.

The bottom line is productive people take breaks and gear up for the next venture with more endurance and energy.    

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