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What Medicare Levy Exemption in Australia means for you?

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Before we head on to the article, let us understand -What does Medicare mean? Medicare is a universal health scheme of the Australian Government. It is a program that assures access to all the citizens of Australia in wide-ranging services in health at no or little cost.

Medicare works in the way that all that Pay As You Go (PAYG) workers have took off the income tax from each cycle of the pay and roughly equates to 1.5% of the rate of tax, typically paid by us.

So, why do you need to pay this when you don’t get the associated health advantages?

Medicare is the part of the tax rates, however exemption can be filed when the financial year ends or when you permanently leave Australia. Bonus- Where and when applicable, the charges on Medicare shall be reimbursed as a segment of your refund on income tax.

Am I entitled?

Before explaining the details of the exemption procedure, let us have a look at the qualifying factors. To qualify filing for a Medicare exemption, here are the two core criteria:

  • You should be in Australia on a temporary visa like Student Visa, 457 Sponsorship or 417 Working Holiday.
  •  You should have earned more than $21,980 in the financial year.

When you are from any non-Commonwealth nation which does not include the Medicare advantages and fulfill the above criterion, an exemption certificate can be requested. This application cannot be applied if you are dwelling in Northern Ireland, Sweden, Italy, UK, Finland, Netherlands, Slovenia, Malta, Belgium or Norway

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