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Inadequate communication skills are enough to destroy your career

Inadequate communication skills are enough to destroy your career

Communication skills have always been one of the most important things for the proper growth of your career. But communication skills have never been so important as in the middle of COVID-19. This pandemic has forced us to work from home where face-to-face communication has been reduced. And, we hope that even after this Corona is over, most of the employees have to continue their work in the same manner. So, communication skills have become a lot more important as compared to an earlier time.

In this blog, we are going to talk about the importance of communication skills and how your career will be affected if you don’t have it.

Things are very easy when we are talking to someone face to face. Because we say something with a pleasant smile and when we are upset with someone we can show them a disappointing face while conveying our message. These things help a lot in delivering the message along with our intentions. But when we are working from home, we have no media to do it. If you have written a mail using the same words that you speak, there is a chance that the recipient will make a wrong meaning out of that message. Now, your career depends a lot on communication skills.

Managers are the ones who need it the most:

When you are working in an office, you have a big advantage while communicating with others. But if you are working from home, you don’t have the same advantage. If you take a look at the situation right now, you will find that most of the employees (90%) are not fit for working from home. While there are some other companies where every employee now works from home. So, the persons who are directly involved in interacting with people are in dire need of better communication skills.

Now, you have to be very careful about how you are saying something.

These are the things you should care about if you are a manager:

  1. Maintaining better communication: This is the first thing that managers have to think about. In many surveys, it has been found that only 30%-40% of the total emails are read by the concerned person. You have to make sure that everyone is following every message that is being delivered. Suppose you are talking to someone in the office and if he is not listening properly, it may cause severe problems. In the same way, if a single mail is left unchecked, it would have serious consequences.
  2. Ensure a proper internet connection: If someone is working from home, they need a proper internet connection. Without it, anyone can’t do their works from home. You might be required to invest some money in such infrastructure. There may be some other requirements too that you have to care about.
  3. Be ready to get new people in the organization: You have to learn about how you can hire and integrate more people into your organization. As these need to be done online, you have to acquire the essential skills.

In the prior sections of this blog, we have talked a lot about the side-effects of not having better communication skills in this era. Based on this information you should start introspecting and then improve your skills accordingly.

We need to ensure the mental health of the accountants

There is an urgent need to provide mental health support to the accountants because they have to deal with a very unfavorable situation in the coming future. As the economy is battling to get on track and Australia is facing one of the worst financial crises in the last 3 decades, the behavior of the clients is not going to be normal when everything opens up in the future.

Recently, there was a statement from the chief executive of the Institute of Public Accountants where he had some requests for the trainers. He said that the trainers now need to make the accountants aware of the upcoming situation. This training will help the accountants to be mentally prepared for the upcoming situation.

And those accountants who deal with the public clients have to face the problem. According to experts, this recession has caused severe damage to the economic situation of the Australian public. So, the behavior of the clients is not going to be normal. And we are talking about mental readiness for this situation because there is no training or teaching that would tell the accountant about what to do with a frustrated client.

As there has rarely been any training for helping the accountants in better conversation with the clients. But this is the time we feel a need for such training.

How can the accountants gain such ability?

There are some steps that the accountants should consider. The accountants need to have some mental health first aid course. And we are not talking about making the accountants an expert in this field rather we are intended to provide enough confidence to the accountants so that they can deal with such unusual clients.

The accountants need to have such a mentality that they should stand at every end to help the people. And, helping doesn’t mean to deal with the numbers or so. Accountants have to assure their clients that people will surely get out of this financial crunch. If you are an accountant and you have to work more than usual, you should be ready because this is what the time demands.

Are you getting a job from the Federal Budget of 2020

As the vision of Josh Frydenberg is clear that he is trying to help the Australian economy in faster recovery by creating more jobs. As there are a lot of Australians who lost their jobs in the pandemic. So, people need to be informed about the sectors where more jobs have been created.

  1. Construction workers:
  • It is great news for all those who are in the field of building roads and other such things. After the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19, $14 billion has been invested into the infrastructure sector. This investment is enough to create more than 40,000 jobs in the next 4 years.
  • An additional $7.5 billion has been promised in infrastructure projects in every state of Australia. It will create more than 30,000 jobs in Australia.
  1. Younger people of Australia:
  • All the employers who provide jobs to the people of age 16-35 will get benefits from the new JobMaker Hiring Credit scheme.
  • So, all the employers who hire a new employee will get hiring credit with the help of this scheme for the upcoming 12 months.
  • Another $1 billion have been promised through JobTrainer scheme. This scheme is for supporting all those institutions that enhance the skills of jobseekers.
  1. Tradies:
  • Now, another 10,000 Australians are eligible to get home by this scheme. They have to pay only 15% of the total money and the rest of the money will be guaranteed by the government.
  • But this move will finally help the tradies. As more and more people will buy homes, there would be more jobs for painters, builders, plumbers, etc.
  1. Women:
  • $35.9 million have been granted for expanding the entrepreneur mentorship program for women.
  • Another package of $240.4 million is there to improve the workforce participation of women. This package will help a lot in providing financial independence to women and increasing their salaries.
  1. Regional workers:
  • All the regional workers who belong to the infrastructure field will be benefitted from a $30 million financial aid that is being provided to telecommunication projects (particularly those which are outside NBN fixed-line areas).
  • There would be another $100 million to help regional Australia especially the parts hit by Coronavirus and bushfires.
  1. Trainees and Apprentices:
  • There is a $1.2 billion package called Boosting Apprenticeships Wage Subsidy Package that is intended to create more than 10,000 fresh apprenticeships.
  1. Workers engaged in Aged care:
  • The Federal budget has provided $40.6 million for those who are eligible for aged care facilities. Such funding to enhance the aged care facility will help a lot in creating more jobs for those who are working in this sector.
  1. Workers in the energy sector:
  • As the economy of the country has been hit hard so the government is trying to cut down the power prices. The government can achieve it with the help of private firms. There is a grant of $250 million to make this possible. This in turn will create about 40,000 new jobs.
  1. Workers of manufacturing industries:
  • $1.5 billion has been granted to the six major sectors of manufacturing. Those sectors are space and defense, recycling and clean energy, medical products, mining, food, and drink. The majority of this fund will go in the projects of these sectors. This move is expected to create a large number of new jobs.

Though there are a lot of sectors where most of the people are getting a new job. It is based upon your situation whether you are eligible for one of these or not.

How to design a unique cover letter

As you all know what a cover letter is? In case you are not fully aware of it, it is a cover letter composed to apply for a job. The standard format of a cover letter is very simple. In the beginning, the person should mention his objectives for going to a particular company. And some other relevant things are mentioned later on.

As there are a lot of freshers in the market who have a little knowledge about designing their CV, Cover Letters, etc. And there are those persons who are trying for many years and that has made them better as compared to the freshers.

Here is a list of things to help you make your cover letter unique:

        1. Start with very careful sentences:

  • No matter whether you are applying for a job, tax training, or accounting training, you should always start with some sentence that seems unique to the reader. If you start in a traditional way, there is a chance that the employer will not read the whole cover letter. In the beginning, you should mention some of your most significant achievements. Keep in mind that the achievement is relevant to the job post you are applying for. This is enough to grab the attention of the employer.

    2. Try to look professional and be genuine
  • Almost everyone is looking for an employee who will fit in the work culture of that company and the employee should think out of the box. Your sentences should be filled with a little bit of humor. This way you will avoid making sentences that include too many technical words. Your cover letter should be full of the things that you consider most important and you will consider speaking those things in your interview.

    3. Choose the templates properly:

  • These are the things that make your cover letter different from others. You should choose the templates that make your cover letter more precise to the point. There should not be extra designs that may annoy the employer. The design of fonts should be uniform all over the cover letter. You don’t need to think much about it because a lot of online platforms are available to design your cover letter.

    4. The Cover letter should be free from any mistake:

  • Most people care a lot about the other things and at the last moment, they prepare their cover letter or resume. At that point in time, it is very likely to have some spelling mistakes and other errors. These things are enough to ruin all your efforts. Even if you have missed a comma, that may also become a matter of concern. You should get your cover letter verified by someone who is better than you in checking these things.

    5. You can try to make a video for this purpose:

  • This step we don’t regard as compulsory but you can try if you are willing to do so. Videos play a very important role in telling a lot of things in less amount of time. But you should make a video which has good quality audio and video. Your employer should clearly hear what you are saying. Be in a completely normal state while shooting the video. If you complete this step carefully, there is a chance that your cover letter would be considered as unique among others.


If you are unable to find a good source of information that may educate you about getting a good job or preparing for the job, Accounts NextGen is there to help you. We provide you the authentic information to help you get a good job. If you are living in Melbourne, you can choose from many accounting training in Melbourne or tax training in Melbourne. Courses related to finance are very helpful in getting a job in this environment.

How to handle tax stress in the COVID-19 time?

2020 was the year that every business of the world had planned for expansion, profitability, and stability. However, it gifted anxiety, fear, and challenges to individuals as well as to business houses. With Covid-19 overshadowing lives, jobs, businesses, etc., it would probably be marked as the worst year for centuries. At the individual level, safeguarding our health from the deadly virus became our priority. Simultaneously, people in businesses ran in the need to stabilize their mental health with the taxation period on the verge.

Preventive measures turned out to be the only solution for every individual, and likewise, CPAs came for the rescue of businesses. Covid-19 pandemic has increased uncertainty, and the task to maintain stability and accomplish official formalities is beyond the word called difficult. CPAs are the only clouds that could drizzle a bit and provide the pacifying cooling effect in the hot storm of dust and heat in the form of Covid-19.

Those owning an accounting practice are versed with the degree of stress involved in it. With pandemic hampering everything around, the anxiety has got deepened with financial and psychological aches. Overcoming or battling with such high intensity of stress may not be easy, but it isn’t impossible to cope with ideal tools and approaches. Ironically, clients look for their accountant as a tool for stability, control, and support.

It is noticed that many accounting businesses have undergone a handsome revenue drop up to 40 % or above. Many CPAs are devoting this phase on mere establishing relationships by providing services either at nominal prices or free of cost. It is quite evident that stress is showing an upward trend on the graph with income scaling downwards.

Dr. Grant Blashki, a renowned clinical adviser, states that people in business are strictly required to need to maintain their health, happiness, and mental wellbeing. A widespread prescription stores its solution like regular exercise, proper and fruitful intake of diet, adequate sleep, sticking to a healthy routine and socializing with friends and family. It is also essential to stay attuned with the virtual tools and use them in the best and advantageous way, establishing and allocating the time for WFH and family life. It is advised not to allow problems to elevate beyond your control.

Overruling the wheel of stress

Disrupted sleep and constant worry about lethargy and low energy are some of the alarming symptoms of stress. However, staying disconnected from colleagues, friends, and family leads to negativity and drops the performance. It is time to go for professional help if any individual quickly identifies these.

For those on a WFH or work from home mission, it is crucial to structure a routine, have the zeal to stick to it, and be in touch with colleagues. Avoid working late or staying awake late or sleeping when the sun shines in the sky. One should emphasize on refreshing and refocusing

Meditation is undoubtedly fruitful, and doing things that exhilarate you should be focussed. The main motive should be breaking the cycle of stress. Take out time from your schedule when only you and positivity rendezvous with negativity far off.  You may even try to form a gratitude list to distract yourself from problems and have a sheer focus on positive things in your life.

Few tips to drop down stress and pressure

Dr. Blashki states that his organization, Beyond Blue, has crafted a website referred to as Heads Up, which contains videos, articles, blogs, and interviews, especially targeting folks in businesses. In short, all the above content has the message and guidance of modes to stabilize business advisors’ mental health. It also offers tips on how they can aid others to come out of blues. It creates an opportunity in a way to strengthen the relationship with clients. With uncertainty all around in business, clients look for all-round support and advice from advisors. Extending support beyond fiscal issues would be valued more during this phase.

Another way out is to conduct workshops for clients to build mental peace and tips for managing the business in the rough patch. Helping others is highly effective in reducing problems and stress. You may find your problem almost negligible in front of others, and the peace obtained from helping others is incomparable. It imparts a great sense of achievement.

We all are dependent on each other, and a small effort in helping others in business or at a personal level can be a massive contribution to the community.

Some tips for tackling

  • Take time off from your business problems and drain your stress during it.
  • Be close and connected with family and friends.
  • Strike balance between work and home realms.
  • Reach out to the accessible resources for your mental stability.
  • Be aware of warning signs, such as fatigue and social withdrawal.

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