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Save yourselves from high costs by avoiding these tax return mistakes: Recommendation by the ATO.

Australian Taxation Office came up with some essential recommendations after noticing the blunders committed by many taxpayers and have paid the high cost for it. With the Covid-19 outbreak affecting the normal life and pocket adversely, the new financial year 2020-21 immediately experienced early tax return filing, application for superannuation, and many government programs. The […]
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Government announces a $66 billion second coronavirus stimulus: What’s available to small businesses, and how do I claim it?

Source: Just 10 days after announcing its coronavirus stimulus package, the Morrison government has released a second, beefed-up and more robust version. The new $66.1 billion economic plan bolsters the measures of the first $17.6 billion pledge and is intended to help small businesses stay afloat, and keep people employed until the coronavirus-related economic downturn has […]
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Payments made to subcontractors by cleaning services companies subject to payroll tax

The Supreme Court of NSW has concluded that the arrangements between the subcontractors and two companies providing specialised cleaning/housekeeping services were employment agency contracts within the meaning of s 37(1) of the Payroll Tax Act 2007 (NSW). Hence, it held that the payroll tax was correctly imposed on the amounts paid to the subcontractors “in relation to” the procurement […]
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Why you should keep record for Capital Gain Tax

You must keep records of every transaction, event or circumstance that may be relevant to working out whether you’ve made a capital gain or loss from a capital gains tax (CGT) event. Generally you need to keep your records for at least five years after the year when the CGT event happened. Keeping adequate records […]
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